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November 28, 2009

Johnson made the right call

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I don’t know how the decision went down. I don’t know if Fred Smith caved in or was in full support of Larry Porter. I still don’t understand the whole Jerry Gray thing. Bottom line is R.C. Johnson made the right call.
Of course I don’t have a Crystal ball that can tell me how the team will do under their new head coach. I just think this one was a no-brainer. I said weeks ago that Porter should be the head coach, and will be the head coach. Did I think I was wrong the past few days when everyone seemingly had Gray penciled in as the new coach? Yes I did. However, there was still the thought that it wasn’t over especially when my contact in D.C. told me Gray had not been offered the job yet. This was one that R.C. was taking plenty of heat for, and he hadn’t yet made an announcement. I think Johnson heard the negative chatter and used common sense in his decision making.
There is no need for me to talk again about the two candidates resumes. Gray was a Pro Coach and Porter a College Coach. It was that simple. Porter was a Memphis alum, Gray an alum of Texas. One recruited, the other didn’t. Should I go on?
I know Gray is a good football coach and an even better teacher of the game, but this one was an obvious choice. On the day after Tommy West was fired, I proclaimed on my Radio Show that there were two choices for Memphis. One was Gus Malzahn, the Auburn Offensive Coordinator, who I said would not be interested. The other was Porter who I not only said would take the job, but I would be shocked if he wasn’t the next Tigers Coach.
This one will sit well with the fans and the alumni. This one will sit well with former players who have felt alienated over the years. And this one will certainly sit well within the African-American community as the Tigers hire their first black Head Football Coach.
Congratulations R.C. I don’t know how you came to this conclusion, but you came to the right conclusion. Now let’s see what happens.


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