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November 9, 2009

The Calipari Jinx

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Those of you who know me understand I had a good relationship with former Tigers Hoop Coach John Calipari. They also understand that I am one of the rare people who is still singing his praises for what he did while here in Memphis. Yes, the way he left wasn’t good, but that’s not going to tarnish what I think his tenure meant to the program. With all that said I think Calipari has indirectly put the whammy on the University of Memphis Athletic Department. Some would say he did it on purpose, but I’m not convinced of it.
Since Cal’s departure, the University of Memphis was placed on probation by the NCAA and had their entire 2007-08 season stricken from the record book. The Tigers lost basically every recruit that was headed to Memphis, and than New Head Coach Josh Pastner had players leave for the riches of Professional Ball (Latavious Williams) or go down with season ending injuries (Martin Ngaloro, Angel Garcia). After that came the Football season and what a disaster that has been. Head Coach Tommy West was fired Monday after nine seasons at the helm. The team has won two, count em, two games and talk of a BCS Conference may be a pipe dream at this point. Also Monday, former Tigers great Chris Douglas-Roberts, now of the New Jersey Nets, was diagnosed with a case of swine flu.
What in the wide, wide, world of sports is going on around here? Well, it’s simply the Calipari Jinx? I don’t have a cure to fix it or a way to diagnose the problem. It’s here to stay and that my friends is frightening.


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