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October 8, 2009

The Madness is Approaching

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There are more questions than answers for the Memphis Tigers as they enter the new College Basketball Season. First year Head Coach Josh Pastner will lead his squad onto the FedExForum floor a week from Tomorrow when the Tigers host their annual Memphis Madness get together. With the Tigers Football team struggling the way they are, fans have been quick to embrace the upcoming hoop season. I understand that this is normally the process, but let’s remember that this Tigers team goes into the season with lower expectations than usual. It’s not that the expectations are for a bad first season for Pastner and his squad, it’s just that the last several seasons the anticipation was so intense because the Tigers were a legitimate National Title contender. Pastner has a solid starting 5, and barring any major catastrophe, should be competitive with mostly everyone. The problem is that after the first 5 the Tigers lack depth and experience. Most of the National powers can likely go 10 or so deep.
O.K. let’s be honest, this will be a little different. Nobody knows what to expect. Can Pastner be a top notch x’s and o’s Coach? Can he demand the respect and attention of his players, something that Calipari was able to do? It won’t take long to find out these answers, but don’t look too much into it either way. This is a learning curve for Pastner and that goes for the fans too. It’s all right to get excited about the Madness but take the entire season in stride. And for goodness sakes Tigers fans, if you really are a true fan, don’t be so quick to dispose of your Football Team. They need some love too!


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