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September 30, 2009

Weekend on the Couch!

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We’ve already had a crazy start to the college football season.  For the first time since I’ve been watching college football, I’m glad I’m not a voter for the polls.  After the top three, who knows! 

College Football Thoughts:

–          Hey Ole Miss!  What was that?  It sure looked like Houston Nutt wants Jevan Snead to come back another year.  24 scouts were in attendance for that!  I do think the Rebels were shafted in the polls.  To drop from 4 to 21 is ridiculous.  The only reason for the massive drop is because of the national media using the “overrated” word all month.  If the voters believed they were number four, and now think they’re overrated, they are hypocrites!  USC lost to a worse team, while the Rebels lost to an SEC team coached by Steve Spurrier on national TV on a Thursday night.  Why is USC still in the top ten?  One answer- they’re USC.  They’ll try anything to get them back in title contention.  The bias towards USC is disgustingly similar Notre Dame.

–          I think I take the unpopular stance with Dan Mullen (Mississippi State) this week.  Sure his play calling cost them the game against a “Top 5” team, but Bullies fans now know that they can expect that innovative play calling in the future when he gets more talent.  It worked at Florida for Mullen, and it will work in Starkville when he fits in the pieces.  I liked the risks, even though the reward sucked.  He’ll win those games in the future.  State fans should love that Mullen plans on coaching like he did at Florida.  That’s confidence.

–          Alabama has won their last three by 100 points.  They average 234 rushing yards per game and allow 47 per game.  That’s a championship formula, and they could arguably be the best team in the country right now.  Sorry Timmy Dynamite.


–          Speaking of…… I thought the country was going to have a vigil and a moment of silence for Tebow Saturday.  I haven’t seen that much of an overreaction since people thought Twister was going to be a good movie.  Despite the near death experience, Tebow is now one rushing touchdown behind Herschel Walker for first all time in the SEC.  He had two on the ground Saturday.  By the way, for those who think Tebow hasn’t been dynamic again this year, think again.  He does have 11 touchdowns against three turnovers.  Plus, he beat death!  SEC Commish Mike Slive announced today that from now on, concussions will be called Tebow’s.

–          Mark Richt (Georgia) is 35-4 against non- conference teams.  Too bad Okie State is one of those losses, because the Dawgs would be #4 in the country.  While LSU may be vulnerable this week, Georgia NEEDS to cut down on their penalties (10 per game) and turnovers (3 per game) if they want to get back in the hunt

–          Chris Todd (Auburn) has 1012 yards passing and 11 touchdowns.  In 2008, Tommy Tuberville’s Tigers had 1985 passing yards and 7 touchdowns on the season.  I hope the Memphis Tigers have already reached out to Offensive Coordinator Gus Malzahn. 

–          It’s too bad for Tommy West (Memphis).  We’ve all said it, and you hear it over and over again.  He’s a great guy.  GREAT guy.  But his tenure in Memphis is over.  The thing about Tommy is that he understands.  As he told me Monday, it affects him, but he can’t let it affect his coaching.  He’s been doing this for 30 years.  He’s not stupid.  He knows it’s part of the business.  The best thing this week for Memphis fans is that Tommy won’t quit on the team.  He’ll continue to do his best to get the team better each week.  Now it might not work, but he won’t quit, like Tuberville did at Auburn last year.  And some think Tuberville should come to the Tigers.  What a horrible idea!  Three quick replacement names without any deep research- Malzahn, Steve Spurrier Jr. (South Carolina Passing Game Coordinator), Shane Beamer (South Carolina Special Teams Coordinator).  Spurrier and Beamer both have the potential to be a Skip Holtz.  Why not?  Their fathers are both innovative coaches and Hall of Famers.  I’ll take that chance.

–          Speaking of fathers, Frank Beamer (Virginia Tech) is a special teams genius.  His Hokies have 74 non-offensive touchdowns in the last 11 seasons.


–          The Houston Cougars are in first place in the Big XII South.  2-0 with 1091 yards of offense in two games against the nations 2nd best division.  Case Keenum for Heisman.

–          Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame) for Heisman!  It was a gutty effort by Clausen that may have saved Charlie Weiss’s job this year.  On the season, Jimmy Dynamite has 1122 yards, 10 touchdowns, and one interception.

–          The Texas Longhorns are averaging 540 yards per game, but Colt McCoy doesn’t have near the production he had last year.  Through four games, he has 42 incompletions.  Last year, he had 44 after eight games.  He has nine touchdowns and five interceptions.  Last year after four games, he had 14 td’s and one pick.  Colt had just 7 interceptions all of last season.  Don’t crown him Heisman just because you felt sorry for him and his Longhorns last year.

–          Florida State CANNOT bring Bobby Bowden back next year.  Too bad the old man thinks he can still coach.  They need to figure out a painless way to cut ties.  The Seminoles are 2-2 for the first time since 1989, they’ve lost 4 of 5 at home, and their coach doesn’t even know who they’re playing.

bowden     bowden2

These two pictures are both Bowden!  At least he hasn’t aged.

–          Ralph Friedgen will be gone soon.  Maryland has more turnovers than touchdowns (13-11).

NFL Thoughts:

–          Why have 0-3 teams only made the playoffs three times since 1990?  Because 0-3 teams usually suck!  It’s the most overrated stat in football.  Seven teams are currently 0-3, and only one has a shot of the playoffs- the Titans.  Maybe Carolina could make it, but they won’t unless Jake Delhomme retires today.

–          Mark Sanchez (Jets) became the first NFL quarterback to start a season 3-0 in his rookie year.  I think the Jets have the pieces for a run at the Super Bowl.  They also have a coach that will take over for Bill Belichick as the most hated coach in the league.  I love it.  Can’t wait to see them in New Orleans this weekend.

–          The Texans are a fraud!  They were supposed to make the playoffs last year and this year.  They have one September win in the last two seasons.  Rush defense might be the problem this year.  190 yards allowed against the Jets, 240 in Nashville, and 184 against Jacksonville.  Gary Kubiak’s seat should be heating up.

–          The Chiefs have lost 26 of 28.  Up next are the Giants and Cowboys.  Good luck.

–          Kevin Kolb (Eagles) became the first NFL quarterback to have 300 or more yards passing in his first two starts.  I certainly thought Kurt Warner accomplished the feat with the Rams.  Warner had 309 and 275.  DeSean Jackson has 3 touchdowns for the Eagles and they’re all over 60 yards.  His shortest touchdown is 64 yards.

–          The Browns have been outscored 94-29 this year.  They have one offensive touchdown.  It’s the only touchdown they’ve scored offensively in the last 37 quarters.  That’s 9 and a quarter games!

–          The Ravens are my Super Bowl pick and have been since preseason.  I didn’t even know how good this offense was going to be.  Wow!  They’re like Auburn.  Joe Flacco has six touchdowns in three games.  Last season, it took him nine games to get number six.

–          The Patriots have won sixteen straight regular season games against the NFC.  Tom Brady had his 200th career touchdown pass in the win over Atlanta.  He’s the 27th quarterback to accomplish the feat.  Brett Favre and Peyton Manning are the only other active players in the top 27.  Favre is first with 469 and Manning is fourth with 340.  Brady should finish the season 21st, one spot behind Steve Young.

–          Ben Roethlisberger lost for the first time in the NFL in the state of Ohio.  He’s 11-1 after the loss at Cincinnati.  Big Ben has at least one interception in each of his last five regular season games.  In that span he has seven picks and five touchdowns.

–          The Broncos have allowed a total of 16 points in three games.  Last year they held only two teams under 16 points.

–          Three teams fired their offensive coordinators in the offseason- Kansas City, Tampa Bay, and Buffalo.  They’re a combined 1-8.

–          Top 5– 1. Ravens 2. Giants 3. Jets 4. Vikings 5. Saints

–          Bottom 5– 5. Raiders 4. Bucs 3. Chiefs 2. Browns 1. Rams

–          Quarterback of the Week: Peyton Manning (IND) 24-35, 379yds, 4td’s, Int

–          Running Back of the Week: Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX) 23-119, 3td’s

–          Wide Receiver of the Week: DeSean Jackson 6-149, TD

–          Hot Seat: Zorn (WAS), Fox (CAR), Cable (OAK), Jauron (BUF), Kubiak (HOU)

– is a website providing sports betting opinions.  Richard is hosting a charity NFL picks contest for media around the country.  This week, I was 7-9 against the spread which was good for 52nd place.  I want to apologize to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  I will be better in upcoming weeks.  The weekly winners receive $250 for their charity and the year end winner will get $5000 with second place receiving $2500.  I hope I can raise some money for the great people at St. Jude!  Check out  On the season, I have a 26-22 record which puts me in a tie for 32nd overall.

The Sports Bar Big SEC Coaching Power Ranking


1. Nick Saban (ALA) 2

2. Gene Chizik (AUB) 1

3. Urban Meyer (FLA) 3

4. Dan Mullen (MSU) 6T

5T. Mark Richt (UGA) 8

5T. Bobby Petrino (ARK) 4

7. Steve Spurrier (SC) 11

8. Les Miles (LSU) 9

9. Rich Brooks (UK) 6T

10. Houston Nutt (MISS) 5

11T. Lane Kiffin (UT) 10

11T. Bobby Johnson (VAN) 12

13. Tommy West (MEM) 13


The Big SEC Quarterback Ranking


1. Chris Todd (AUB) 2

2. Greg McElroy (ALA) 3

3. Tim Tebow (FLA) 4

4. Jordan Jefferson (LSU) 6

5. Ryan Mallett (ARK) 1

6. Stephen Garcia (SC) 9

7. Joe Cox (UGA) 5

8. Jevan Snead (MISS) 7

9. Mike Hartline (KEN) 8

10. Tyler Bass (MEM) 10

11. Larry Smith (VAN) 12

12. Tyson Lee (MSU) 11

13. Jonathan Crompton (TEN) 13 

Words to Live By

You’re not going to have a platinum record every time you put a song out, but it’s the going for it that is really the pot of gold. As I’ve gone along, as I’ve experienced life, I’ve learned that it’s the going after it that’s the really awesome thing.”– Brett Michaels

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Have a Great Week!


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