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September 16, 2009

All Weekend on the Couch!

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Love to hear that the Tigers are being PROACTIVE in trying to prepare themselves for the next movement in conference realignment.  It’s inevitable so they might as well be ready this time.  The easiest move would be to kick Notre Dame out of the Big East and have Memphis replace them.  What do they bring to the table?  Prestige?  So what!  Memphis is better in basketball, and it would be great to just knock Notre Dame down a notch.  Tell them to go join Conference USA!

College Football Notes You Might Not Know:

–          Mark Dantonio (Michigan State) looks like Neil Diamond.  He tied Bill Snyder (Kansas State) for the worst performance a day after getting a new contract.  M-State lost to Central while K-State lost to Louisiana Laffeyette.

neil     neil2     neil3

–          Dez Bryant (Oklahoma State) would win the Heisman if Mike Gundy could get out of the tan bed, become a man, and figure out how to get Dez the ball.  In two games, he has eight catches for 162 yards and two touchdowns.  He’s also returned a punt for a score.  He should have 8-162 every week.

–          Kevin Sumlin (Houston) was 5-0 against Oklahoma State as an assistant with Oklahoma.  Seems like he had a pretty good idea about what the George Hamilton of college coaching was planning.  It was the first win for Houston against a top five program since 1984.  Okie State has lost 3 straight when ranked in the top 5.

–          Speaking of coaches who have had great rants, Dan Hawkins is on a $2.5 million hot seat.  That could be the cost of his buyout.  After losing to Nebraska to end last season, he said, “Next season- 10 wins and no excuses.”  Well, he’s 0-2 with losses to Colorado State and Toledo.  Toledo had 624 yards.  Looks like the Buffs will have to run the table now.  Not easy with road games at Texas and Oklahoma State.  Not easy with Wyoming coming in this weekend either.  Texas ONLY beat the Cowboys 41-10, and led 13-10 at the half.  Colorado is a 7 point favorite.

–          In his last three games, Jimmy Claussen (Notre Dame) has 1052 yards, 12 touchdowns, and no interceptions.

–          In two weeks, Idaho State is 0-2.  They lost at Arizona State and Oklahoma.  They have amassed 81 TOTAL YARDS of offense this season.  81!

–          Nick Stephens (Tennessee) must really be bad.

–          Terrelle Pryor (The Ohio State) reminds me of Mike Vick.  He can do a whole lot that generally generates very little.  Ohio State has lost six straight against top five teams.

101_0049     checotah

–          A week after my disappointing trip to Stillwater, although I did pass through the home of Carrie Underwood in Checotah, OK, I laughed when I watched Pokes Kicker Danny Bailey win the DBag of the week award.  He trotted out in the awful puke orange jersey wearing bright and shiny gold shoes.  His field goal attempt wasn’t close.  If you wear gold shoes on a football field, you best be golden!  Not so much Bailey!

–          A close second on DBag kicker of the week- Jason Olesnavage of Michigan.  Rich Rodriguez took a delay of game penalty to give his kicker a better angle- DOINK!  Not even doink!  He missed like Michael Spurlock used to miss receivers.  He almost broke the play clock.

–          Do you think Nick Saban is working on kick coverage this week?  Do you think any player is exempt from that unit this week?  The Tide have allowed a touchdown on a return in each of the first two games.  He should call Frank Beamer.  His Hokies ran one back against the Tide and had another against Marshall on Saturday.

–          Nebraska has won 6 straight.  It’s their longest winning streak since 2001.

–          Can Auburn really be 4-0 heading to Knoxville?  West Virginia comes in as a dog Saturday and Ball State will follow next weekend.  Gus Malzahn to Memphis?  It just might be too late.  It’s the first time Auburn has gone back to back with 500 yard games since 1970.  Last year the Tigers had seven offensive touchdowns against the SEC all season.  They had six against State

–          Steve Spurrier is 1-4 against Georgia since coming to South Carolina.  He was 11-1 as the head coach at Florida against the Dawgs. 

–          Timmy Tebow has 45 rushing touchdowns in his career.  He’s four shy of Herschel Walker’s SEC record.  He tied Cadillac last week and is one away from equaling Kevin Faulk’s 46.  What’s amazing is that he’s done it as a quarterback.  What’s also amazing is that Herschel’s 49 touchdowns on the ground don’t come close to the best of all time in college football.  Here’s the list:

1. Travis Prentice, Miami (Ohio) (1996-99): 73 career rushing tds
2. Ricky Williams, Texas (1995-98): 72
3T. Anthony Thompson, Indiana (1986-89): 64
3T. Cedric Benson, Texas (2001-04): 64
5. Ron Dayne, Wisconsin (1996-99): 63
6. Eric Crouch, Nebraska (1998-01): 59
7. Marshall Faulk, San Diego State (1991-93): 57
8T. Steve Owens, Oklahoma (1967-69): 56
8T. Ken Simonton, Oregon Sate (1998-01): 56
10T. Tony Dorsett, Pittsburgh (1973-76): 55
10T. Chester Taylor, Toledo (1998-01): 55
10T. DeAngelo Williams, Memphis (2002-05): 55

–          The SEC has a 13-2 (.867) non-conference record after two weeks of the 2009 season, the best winning percentage in the nation.  The Big Ten is second at 18-4 (.818).

–          SEC teams are outscoring opponents 202-64 in the fourth quarter.


NFL Thoughts:

–          Brodie Croyle was 16-10 as a starter at Alabama.  He’s 0-9 with the Kansas City Chiefs.

–          Shaun Hill is 8-3 as a starter for the 49ers after they went to Glendale and beat the Cardinals Sunday.  As the saying goes, “All Shaun Hill does is win football games.”

–          Jake Delhomme should retire to stud.  He was one just a few years ago, but his decisions and ability are taking a slide.  He had 5 turnovers Sunday for the Panthers as Carolina got smoked by the Eagles.  He has 11 turnovers in his last two starts.  That’s worse than Jonathan Crompton!  Jake got a five year extension this year at the age of 34.

–          Mark Sanchez had a good game in his debut as the Jets waxed the Texans.  He was 12-15 for 191 yards and a touchdown on third down alone.

–          Not as good of a debut for Jay Cutler with the Bears.  Cutler threw four picks and is 17-21 in career games.  His record was worse at Vandy.  It’s been since high school that Cutler has won anything.

–          The Falcons are 8-1 at home under Mike Smith after beating Miami.

–          In 11 games with the Cowboys, Roy Williams has two touchdowns- both against Tampa.

–          Don’t get too excited Cowboys fans about your win against the Bucs.  Tampa racked up 450 yards of offense.  The Cowboys are, at best, third in their own division.

–          The Rams were thrown a bagel by the Seahawks Sunday.  St. Louis has scored 16 or fewer points in 13 of their last 17.  Plus, they’ve now lost 11 straight.

–          Top 5- 1. Ravens 2. Eagles 3. Giants 4. Vikings 5. Saints

–          Bottom 5- 1. Rams 2. Chiefs 3. Bucs 4. Lions 5. Texans

–          Quarterback of the Week: Drew Brees (Saints) 26-34, 358 yards, 6 touchdowns

–          Running Back of the Week: Adrian Peterson (Vikings) 25-180, 3 touchdowns

–          Wide Receiver of the Week: Santonio Holmes (Steelers) 9-131, TD, 8 first downs

– is a website providing sports betting opinions.  Richard is hosting a charity NFL picks contest for media around the country.  In my first week, I was 9-7 against the spread which was good for 22nd place.  I want to apologize to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  I will be better in upcoming weeks.  The weekly winners receive $250 for their charity and the year end winner will get $5000 with second place receiving $2500.  I hope I can raise some money for the great people at St. Jude!  Check out


Random Thoughts:

–          For the past month, Paddy Harrington has had an adventure hole each weekend.  It’s amazing how he has a great chance to win the FedEx Cup despite some of the holes he has had.

–          The Memphis Tigers Basketball team made cartoon news in the Billings Gazette.  Wow!  People in Billings, Montana, are all fired up about the Tigers and John Calipari’s decision to leave.  These cartoons were taken from three separate days in the newspaper.




–          Beyonce is flawless!  She was the only redeeming quality of the MTV Video Music Awards this week.  She’s probably the only redeeming thing about MTV these days.  To quote Lt.Frank Drebin from Naked Gun, “She had legs you could lick on for a day.”

beyonce3     beyonce

–          Kanye was thinking of himself again?  That’s weird.

–          Are Mark the Chef and I alone in our thinking that Khloe is better than Kourtney?  Kourtney might be hotter, but there’s just something about that Khloe.

–          I don’t think I’ve cut grass in ten years!  I’m happy to say that I don’t plan on ever doing it again.  The worst chore ever!  I’d rather clean bathrooms.  I used to get $20 a lawn.  What are the kids making today?  Don’t think they’ve gotten the pay raise they deserve!

–          I’ve watched the first two Jay Leno shows.  I’m not a huge fan of Jay’s Tonight Show work, but so far, pretty decent.  His opening monologue is still a bit cheezy and fake, but his guests have been great and the interviews have been much more interesting than the fluff crap he had on the Tonight Show.  The show actually has a little edge.  Now granted, it’s only been two shows.  We can’t be too far away from a random zoo guy coming on with “crazy” animals that Jay’s scared of.  BORING!  Johnny Carson was the only host that has ever made that segment hysterical.


The Sports Bar Big SEC Coaching Power Ranking


1. Gene Chizik (AUB) 5

2. Urban Meyer (FLA) 1

3. Nick Saban (ALA) 2

4. Bobby Petrino (ARK) 3

5. Rich Brooks (UK) 8

6. Houston Nutt (MISS) 9

7. Bobby Johnson (VAN) 7

8. Les Miles (LSU) 10

9T. Dan Mullen (MSU) 4

9T. Mark Richt (UGA) 12

11T. Lane Kiffin (UT) 6

11T. Steve Spurrier (SC) 11

13. Tommy West (MEM) 13


The Big SEC Quarterback Ranking

PASSING                              Att          Cmp       Int           Pct.         Yds         TD                          Last

1. Mallett (ARK)                  22           17           0              77.3        309             1                           2

2. Tebow (FLA)                   39           25           0              64.1        425            5(2 Rush TD)       8

                This Week- (15-24, 237yds, 4TD/71rush, TD/Fumble)

3. Hartline (KEN)               27           18           0              66.7        222             2                              4

4. McElroy (ALA)              54           33           1              61.1        471                 2                           7

                This Week- (18-24, 241yds, TD)

5. Todd (AUB)                     49           27           0              55.1        441                2                          3

                This Week- (10-23, 186yds)

6. Jefferson (LSU)              48           31           0              64.6        310              3(52rush)              5

                This Week- (20-29, 138yds/10rush)

7. Relf (MSU)                          21           12            2              57.1        152         3(134rush/TD)       6

                This Week- (5-11, 77yds, 2INT/52rush)

8. Cox (UGA)                         54          32            2              59.3        363             3(fumble)              11

                This Week- (17-24, 201yds, 2TD, INT)

9. Garcia (SC)                        75           44           2              58.7        461               2                            12

                This Week- (31-53, 313, 2TD, INT, 42rush)

10. Snead (MISS)                22           12           2              54.5          175               2                              10

11. Smith (VAN)                  42           21           1               50.0         241         1(Rush TD)                 9

                This Week- (11-24, 88yds, INT/Rush TD)

12. Crompton (TEN)       54           34           5              63.0        326         5                                        1

                This Week- (13-26, 93yds, 3INT)

13. Hall (MEM)                   52            28           3              53.8        203         0                                   13

                This Week- (13-22, 93, INT)

Others: Burns (AUB / 55rush, 4TD, 1Pass TD), Lee (MSU / 15-24, 150yds, TD)


Words to Live By

You’re not going to have a platinum record every time you put a song out, but it’s the going for it that is really the pot of gold. As I’ve gone along, as I’ve experienced life, I’ve learned that it’s the going after it that’s the really awesome thing.”– Brett Michaels

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There’s plenty happening in Tunica this weekend.  For a complete list of events and attractions in Tunica, Mississippi, click on the link below.  Get easy access to the casinos, golf courses, and all other entertainment. 

Here are some coming attractions:

Chicago (Harrah’s) 800-946-4946

Date: October 02

Travis Tritt (Sam’s Town) 800-456-0711

Date: October 03

Billy Currington (Fitz) 800-766-5825

Date: October 16

Kenny G (Goldstrike) 888-245-7529

Date: October 17

Miranda Lambert (Goldstrike) 888-245-7529

Date: November 07

Darius Rucker (Sam’s Town) 800-456-0711

Date: November 11

tunica national

Don’t forget to join me every Thursday afternoon at Tunica National for our three person scramble.  $25 gets you nine holes of golf, a dinner following your round and an opportunity at great prizes, including $150 in promotional chips at the Fitz Casino for closest to the pin.  This is the FINAL week to qualify for the Tournament of Champions.  Just call 662-357-0777 or 866-833-6331.

Have a Great Week!


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