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September 7, 2009

Both Tigers and Rebels will learn from Game

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For three quarters the Rebels and Tigers battled like Backyard Rivals should. Despite the fact that Ole Miss has dominated the win total in their long standing series (which unfortunately, for the moment, came to an end today), the game’s have been fairly competitive. The unfortunate thing for the Tigers is usually the Rebels wear them down because of depth, and usually superior size, and pull away in the end. That was the case Sunday Afternoon at Liberty Bowl Stadium. The Tigers defense should be applauded for the job they did. By no means was the 45-14 Final score indicative of how close the game was until the Fourth Quarter.
I feel this was the type of game that can springboard both teams. For the Rebels, they go into an early bye week knowing they have plenty of work to do. They will look at the game tape, analyze their mistakes, and become a better team for it. I think most players understand that if Ole Miss was playing an SEC team with similar size and depth, the Rebels would have lost and dropped significantly in the polls. Jevan Snead will get this mediocre game out of his system and will become the type of Quarterback everyone is expecting him to be.
For the Tigers, they will be able to take plenty of positive vibes from the loss. Sure, the play of Arkelon Hall was miserable, but this is a game that can be broken down and mistakes corrected. If Hall is passed up for Will Hudgens or any other Quarterback, the fact is nobody will face a better defense the rest of the season than what the Rebs offered up on Sunday. The Tigers running backs were very good. The Defense was outstanding until they 4th when they were plumb tuckered out. This team showed me some very positive signs. So instead of dwelling on what went wrong, Tigers fans should focus on what went right. This is a game that should be beneficial for both teams in the long run.


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