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August 27, 2009

Tigers still making mistakes

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With their season opener set for a week from this Sunday, Tigers Head Football Coach Tommy West is still having to talk to his team (and the media) about sloppy play and silly mistakes. West’s team went through a spirited scrimmage Thursday afternoon at Liberty Bowl Stadium, but after it had concluded, Tommy unleashed on his team, talking about costly penalties and turnovers. He said if this was a real game, the Tigers would have lost.
On a positive note, West said the effort was better than the team’s previous scrimmage (last Saturday) but that wasn’t saying a whole lot. He also talked about having plenty of time (The season opener is a week from Sunday against Ole MIss) to get things fixed. Many of the players left the stadium with their heads down as they walked back to the team buses. They realize that while there’s still some time to get things straight, saying it and doing it, are two completely different things. Tailback Curtis Steele, normally a happy go lucky talkative chap, did not want to address the media until urged to do so by running backs coach James Joseph.
I think the team realizes the obstacle they’ll be facing in Ole Miss, a top 10 preseason team, but it does not appear that the sense of urgency has hit them yet. West said he was hoping to have Quarterback Arkelon Hall pushed in camp, but that hasn’t been the case. In fact, Tyler Bass missed the scrimmage with a mild knee injury, and that hurt his chances. Hall will be the starting Quarterback in the opener barring some unforeseen situation.
The Tigers have plenty of new faces this season and chemistry will be an issue, but if they have any chance in slaying a dragon like Ole Miss, than sloppy play and multiple mistakes can’t happen. If they do, it could be a long opener for the Tigers.

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