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August 13, 2009

Pitino Erred, School Compounded Problem

Filed under: Uncategorized — Greg Gaston @ 3:21 pm

Louisville Hoop Coach Rick Pitino screwed up. I mean, he really messed up. Pitino has admitted to having an affair with a woman who would go on to wed Pitino’s longtime friend Tim Sypher. Pitino has admitted to the FBI that he also provided Karen Sypher with $3,000 for an Abortion. Pitino’s lawyer has come out and said the money was for Health Insurance, and not for an Abortion. These are just some of the particulars in this “Made for Hollywood” Soap Opera.
There is nobody who will defend Pitino for his actions. He has come out and apologized for his indiscretion. As I have already said, Pitino Screwed Up! But now comes the next mistake, and it comes from the University of Louisville.
I have no problem with a University, or any institution for that matter, standing by their employee. Both the Louisville President and Athletics Director have come out publicly and stood up for Pitino. Like I said, that is to be expected. The problem is that A.D. Tom Jurich has not once said that his Teflon Don Coach was wrong. Not once has he said he messed up big time. What type of message is the school sending? No fallout from this ordeal? Where is the penalty?
I by no means am saying that Pitino should lose his job. We all make mistakes(some larger than others) but how can you not send a message that this will not be tolerated by your employees. Isn’t this a black eye for the U of L? Pitino has at least caused a public relations nightmare. What type of respect can people give you when there are no repercussions from someone’s actions?
To sweep this under the rug is an absolute travesty. Pitino needs to be punished to some extent. The school looks soft and controlled.
Steve Kragthorpe will likely lose his job if the Cardinals Football team doesn’t turn it around this season. Pitino’s Basketball team is an NCAA Power, he is untouchable.
I guess Louisville is proving something most of us already know…..we don’t care about your character, we don’t care about the amount of athletes you graduate, we just care about the bottom line….Winning!


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  1. Greg your a hypocrite,wheres your angry at ole-miss,Boone,and Kennedy.The committed a crime,slander a 20 y.o college students name,a kid who was being a good citizen,and told the cops what he saw.Believe me im no Pitino fan,all he is guilty of is adultry.He has no control of that women havivg a abortion.What he was not suppose not give the women the money for the abortion.Just like the grizzleys.ole miss gets a free pass on this station.

    Comment by mike — August 13, 2009 @ 6:16 pm

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