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August 3, 2009

This & That

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Title: This & That

– I played Mirimichi Golf Course Sunday and the changes from what use to be Big Creek Golf Course are mind boggling. Of course that’s what a 17 million dollar investment will do for you. The staff is top notch, and just wait until everything grows in including the greens. The only thing that surprised me a bit was how similar the back nine is, with the exception of #18, to the old Big Creek. I thought they would completely change a few of the holes but I guess they couldn’t.

-Tiger Woods with a lead seals the deal almost as often as the seasons change. He is the greatest frontrunner in the history of Sports.

-Memphis native and top flight amateur Tim Jackson gave us a thrill for 2 rounds at the U.S. Senior Open. It’s a shame he couldn’t keep it up for the entire tourney but what a feeling it must have been for Tim to play so well and have his 15 year old son on his bag.

-Loren Roberts followed up his Senior British Open win with another splendid performance, finishing in a tie for 4th at the U.S. Senior Open. His final round 64 tied a course record at Crooked Stick. (Home of John Daly’s PGA Championship win in 1991). Also a shout out to former University of Maryland Golf Coach Fred Funk for winning the event with a four round total of 20 under par. (Fear the Turtle).

-Nobody is obligated to give Michael Vick a second chance, but I’m hoping an NFL team does. I’m a sucker for a good comeback story.

-A number of people have indicated to me that the Terrell Owens Reality Show is a must see. Evidently most people don’t feel that way as the VH1 program ranked in the 700 plus range of all television shows last week.

-Through all their trials and tribulations this year, through all the player movement the Redbirds have stayed the course and now find themselves a game out of first place with about a month or so to go in the regular season. The Birds have won 5 straight games.

-Michael Heisley continues to cut costs with his NBA team, and you can hardly blame the guy. Problem is that the Grizzlies owner won’t admit to it. The latest move was the decision not to fill any of the organization’s 5 full time scouting positions. Several of the scouts recently left, and the others were told their services would no longer be needed. It’s just another move where Heisley is cutting corners to save money. Once again I completely understand because he is the owner, but don’t try to pull the wool over the eyes of the fans.


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  1. Your a joke,what do you mean you can!t blame Heilsey,who in the hell do you blame then for turning this franchise into a joke.Yes the national media and the guys down the Dial have it right,Heisley is bad owner and yes he deserves all the blame.Please he does not need to admit it,because anyone who wants to see it,sees it,guys like you.who finally open he eyes now sees it.Greg its has not been a secret.So i guess the fans should not blame noone and except it.Thats what your saying

    Comment by mike — August 3, 2009 @ 5:09 pm

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