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May 20, 2009

Grizzlies at #2

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So the NBA’s draft lottery was held last night and the Grizzlies got a little lucky by landing the number 2 overall pick this year. I have to say, I got extremely excited when it came down to the final two and the Grizzlies were still in it. I had visions of Blake Griffin in a Grizzlies uniform dancing through my head. Oh, how sweet that would be, but the Grizzlies had to settle for number two and I was disappointed. I absolutely love Griffin and to get that close to him and come up short really hurt. Going into today’s show I was still a little down about the whole thing, but I have to give our listeners credit, they sold me on how good of a position the Grizzlies are still in at #2 and I’m now feeling much better. The way I see things, there are five options the Grizzlies have with the #2 pick and I’ll present them from best to worst as I see it.

1. Trade down in the first round to pick up a proven player and another pick to address the need at power forward and depth issues. (This is definitely my favorite scenario. I think there will be enough teams that covet Ricky Rubio that you could get great value in a trade for the pick.)

2. Draft 18-year-old Spanish sensation Ricky Rubio and keep both him and Mike Conley. (I wouldn’t mind this because the point guard position would be in good shape and you could trade Conley later in the year if Rubio pans out the way you hope. At worst, you have two good point guards and you can address the power forward issue in free agency or with the other first-round pick.)

3. Trade Conley and draft Rubio. (If Rubio truly is as good as many people think he can be, then I could see trying to make a trade with Conley before the draft and turning the position over to the kid. Maybe Portland would give up Travis Outlaw for Conley or you could package him in a bigger deal.)

4. Put together whatever package it takes short of O.J. Mayo to move up to #1. (This would be great, since I’ve already said how much I love Griffin, but I think it would cost too much and is a little unrealistic so I rank it 4th. Having said that, I would at least call the Clippers to feel them out.

5. Draft Hasheem Thabeet or someone else. (Wrong answer! I just am not sold on Thabeet enough to take him at #2 when you could get a lot of value for the pick with Rubio available.)

One other thing to remember is that it could cost up to $8 million to buy Rubio out of his Spanish contract. So if you’re going to draft him and keep him, you have to be prepared to pay that.

The Grizzlies record drafting second is not great. The last time they won the second pick in the lottery they had to give the pick to Detroit from a stupid past trade and lost out on Carmelo Anthony. Before that they drafted the dubious Stromile Swift and the infamous Steve “I’m not playing for that franchise” Francis at #2 in 2000 and 1999 respectively. The year before those, in 1998, the Grizzlies did have success taking Mike Bibby at #2. Let’s hope this year it works out more like ’98 than ’99, ’00, or ’03.

Now a couple tattoo related NBA questions:

1. Is there any more lucrative tattoo artist job in the country than being the Denver Nuggets team tattoo artist? There has to be at least $1 million in tattoos on that team.

2. Why don’t foreign players in the NBA get tattoos? I just don’t get this. I assume it’s a cultural thing, but you’d think that when they get over here and see all their American teammates with them all over their bodies, that at least some of them would get some ink. Is there no tattoo parlors in Europe?


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  1. Do you think will R. Rubio is better than D Rose? Not!!!! If you think back they are both in similar situations with a dominate power forward in the same mention as them as the best player in the draft (Beasley and Griffith). Nobody is debating whether or not Rubio is better than Griffith where there was much debate over Beasley and Rose with Rose going #1! Will anyone in their right mind pick Rubio over Griffith?

    Comment by uncledewek — May 21, 2009 @ 11:43 am

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