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May 11, 2009

This & That

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-Vikings President Mark Wilf says the team is very interested in future Hall Of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre. That sure is a nice vote of confidence for newly acquired Q.B. Sage Rosenfels. Basically Wilf is saying that a nearing 40 year old, past his prime Favre, is still a way better option than Rosenfels, Tarvaris Jackson or John David Booty.

-You can blame Antoine Wright for not fouling Carmelo Anthony hard enough but the bottom line is that officials need to blow their darn whistle when a foul is committed. I don’t care when in the game it occurs. I’m not saying Dallas would have automatically won Game three of their playoff series with Denver, but they certainly should have been given the opportunity. The official knew Dallas had a foul to give. Next time Wright should slap Anthony across the face and start a fracas. That would solve everything!

-I love Nascar’s “No Tolerance” policy concerning the use of illegal drugs. With that said however, I still think something smells fishy about Jeremy Mayfield’s recent positive test. Is the guy on Roids so he can race a car faster? No. I don’t know what the drug in question is so I should reserve any judgment, but unless it’s cocaine or weed or heroin than I see a possible innocent mistake. Mayfield is an Owner/Driver and he knows all about the stiff penalties from Nascar if caught. Why would he jeopardize all that? A drug problem is the only answer unless of course it’s an accident. Baseball and Football players take certain drugs to get an advantage. I don’t see how a Nascar Driver does.

Darius Washington is auditioning for the Memphis Grizzlies. The story of D-Wash remains one of the more sad tales in recent years. Now I’m not comparing his story to those with tragic endings,(Career ending injuries, criminal activity, deaths etc.), but it still is a sad account of a young man who was ready to set the world on fire but found the road a bit rocky. As a Memphis Tigers star guard Washington became the Greek Tragic Hero with his Free Throw Line meltdown during the Conference USA Tournament IN 2005. He proceeded to leave school early for the riches of the NBA, only to find his dream wouldn’t come that easy. He has played for different NBA Summer teams and has been invited to several camps, only to be told thanks but no thanks. He has played in the NBDL and all around the world, but his goal remains the same, make it to the NBA.
The story of D-Wash is far from over and maybe just maybe, this young man will write a new chapter to his life. The chapter entitled “Never Give Up”. And perhaps that chapter will have a familiar background, as in the city of Memphis.


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