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April 16, 2009

This & That

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Here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately…..

New Tigers Hoop Coach Josh Pastner has all the tools to become a very good Head Coach but you can’t jump to conclusions. When I hear people say it was a GREAT hire or a TERRIBLE hire I cringe. How the heck do you know what type of hire it was until Pastner actually gets out there and coaches his team? I have plenty of confidence that Pastner will be able to do the job but Tigers fans must understand that there is going to be some tough times ahead before he’s able to right the ship. If anything, this whole episode with Calipari and Pastner should teach fans to enjoy the present and stop looking ahead to what could be in the future. Enjoy the moment your in!

The Grizzlies wrapped up their season Wednesday night and picked up their 24th win in the process. Of course they did so against the Hawks 2nd unit. In any case, it sure seems like a long time since the Grizzlies won 50 and put together back to back to back playoff teams. This completes the first year in the so called “Three Year Plan” to get the team back to being competitive. I’m not so sure if fans can wait two more years. Let’s remember, the past 3 seasons has produced 68 wins or 2 more than the Cleveland Cavaliers had this season alone. Let’s hope that the team will draft wisely and seriously explore the Free Agent Market. Next year’s battle cry needs to be more than just “Let’s win 30”.

The Redbirds are off to a good start as the 2009 Baseball season is underway. Just recently Autozone Park was named the BEST Stadium in the Minor Leagues. The Taj Mahal of stadiums if you will. Now they need to prove their worth in the box office. Attendance has slowly diminished over the years and that’s a crying shame. The birds provide superb entertainment for a very reasonable price. General Manager Dave Chase and his staff have been nothing but marvelous in the work they do and the product they help to provide. Now it’s up to you and me to increase the support for this Memphis staple.

Quick Hitters……

-Isiah Thomas makes sense to Florida International because they are trying to get some name recognition for a product that’s basically non-existent. For Memphis it would have been a setback of major proportion.
-For quite some time I thought American Cycling Hero Lance Armstrong was being singled out by the French Government because of his domination of the Tour De France. After the latest incident that should keep Armstrong from his comeback race, I now feel that Armstrong has likely pulled the wool over all of our eyes for many years now.
-2009 must be the year the Memphis Tigers Football team wins no less than the Eastern Division. The players are all in place and now they must perform. I understand the schedule is pretty tough, but if not this year than when?
-PGA Tour chief of operations Rick George was in Memphis Wednesday and talked about the future of the Memphis PGA Tour Stop. The EVENT has been in town for 51 years and is one of the top attractions in Memphis on an annual basis. George said that the Tournament could be in jeopardy unless their able to secure a title sponsor for next season and beyond. Lets hope somebody steps up because losing this event would be a travesty. Not only for fans of Golf, but for the children of St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the tourney’s chief beneficiary.



  1. You guys are amazing Frek and frat Greg and Eli.In one sentence you tell people not to jump to conclusions,which i agree with you there.In the next sentence you jump to conclusions predicting bad times ahead.More like wishful thinking on your part.If Taggert stays along with everyone else and Get a few new guys these team could get the the tourny.Take your own advice dont jump to conclusions.Go back to defending the sleazeball Cal

    Comment by mike — April 16, 2009 @ 5:03 pm

  2. Mike, Your a joy to read!
    Seriously, agree or not, at least you are a loyal reader and listener. Now if you start to get personel than we will have a problem. I guess I can live with Frek and Frat.
    The reason I am responding is because I am NOT jumping to conclusions. There are going to be some tough times ahead whether you like it or not. I don’t care if Taggart comes back (Which I bet he won’t), this team will struggle early adjusting to a new coach with a different philosophy plus they lack depth and standout players. They have potential if Pastner can get some recruits. The problem is Josh told me last night that this will take some time and don’t expect too much right off the bat. That is why it’s not jumping to conclusions. It’s 25 years of dealing with this kind of stuff, coupled with realistic thinking and actual information from the horse’s mouth.

    Comment by Greg Gaston — April 16, 2009 @ 7:23 pm

  3. I think this was a great hire. That doesnt mean I am expecting a deep run into the tourny next season. I think it will be a successful year if we even make the tourny. However, I like Pastners’ resume and work ethic even if its his first head coaching job. After they missed on getting Mike Anderson and a couple of other guys, I dont think there is any doubt that this was the right choice. THIS WAS A GREAT HIRE.

    Comment by HALO — April 17, 2009 @ 12:37 pm

  4. Greg there might be tough times ahead,but you state it as a fact,Just because you say it is a fact,does not it a fact.So yes your making a assumption,Your assuming Tggart is going to europe.Your assuming that Henry does not want to play with his brother at memphis,because he will probably not get a waiver,Your assuming Coleman and Dodson will not be here ,neither two have ask for a release.At least wait till the roster plays out before you declaire doom and gloom

    Comment by mike — April 17, 2009 @ 6:38 pm

  5. Mike,
    I am a little puzzled. What are you talking about? I said in this particular thread that I believe there will be some tough times ahead, but in due time, Pastner will get it done.
    Where the hell do I talk about anything else? Especially all the players you brought up?
    Pastner had told me now three different times that we will likely have to take a step back before we can take two steps forward. That my friend is a FACT!

    Comment by Greg Gaston — April 19, 2009 @ 5:43 pm

  6. My point about the players is that you have no clue what the roster will be next year So before you predict doom and gloom and tough times away Lets see who will be on the team.I dont think any tiger fan is thinking 30 wins and final four next,but a conf title and ncaa tourny bid is not out of the question.

    Comment by mike — April 19, 2009 @ 6:56 pm

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