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April 1, 2009

On the Couch!

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I’ve made a nice groove in the couch while sitting on it the last 36 hours waiting for John Calipari to wake up!  Well, the saga is over.  Coach Calipari is heading to Lexington.  Good for him.  It’s a premier job, he is exactly what the Cats need, he’ll win, and it’s great for college basketball when Kentucky is relevant.  They are once again.

Anyway, here are some names to ponder (not in any particular order) while listening to the national pundits quote their sources on who the next coach might be:

– Mike Anderson: Find out what his buyout clause is worth (maybe as worthless as Coach Cal’s) and find out what it would take for him to bolt.  I believe he’s the best hope for keeping players and maybe one of the incoming players.  He is the man that beat the man…. TWICE!

– Andy Kennedy: Nice guy, from the South, great coach, overchieved with his talent, recruits Memphis already, and comes to a basketball school.  Since Memphis already screwed up the Ole Miss football series, might as well steal their coach to leave no doubt they’ll never play.  Plus, he’s familiar with the conference.

– Sean Miller: Might excite the smart basketball fan, but not really a splash I’m looking for.  Besides if Jamie Dixon leaves Pittsburgh, Miller would probably be first in line.

– Tim Floyd: Boring.  From the South, has had success in minor conference’s, but hasn’t succeeded in the tournament.  Has probably underchieved at USC.

– Josh Pastnor:  Obviously a good recruiter, or he wouldn’t be on Coach Calipari’s staff.  He helped recruit the incoming recruits, he’s familiar with the system, and he’s familiar with the current players.  If you go young and cheap, he might not be a bad choice.

– Steve Lavin: Too far removed, but loves the Memphis program.  I like him as a coach, but he might be too far removed for any high school kids to remember him

– John Lucas: Very familiar with Coach Calipari’s system, attended a lot of practices, good coach, but like Lavin, too far removed.

– Larry Brown: The Tigers and Grizzlies have already almost had him.  He can’t be enamored with Michael Jordan getting more involved at Charlotte, and he’s ALWAYS willing to listen.

– Reggie Theus: Flashy personality, did a great job in a short stint at New Mexico State, and failed in the NBA.  Name me a good college basketball coach who didn’t fail in the NBA!  Besides Larry Brown.

– Anyone Fred Smith wants.

This hire should be the biggest hire RC Johnson makes.  I’m a little disappointed that a deal isn’t already in place.  There isn’t much time before the national scribes and talking heads call Memphis a dead end job.  Some have already claimed that.  They need to be proactive instead of reactive.  Although, that’s not how the Tigers have operated things lately.  I believe RC’s hires have worked in football, basketball, and baseball, but the school is at a crossroads.  A bad buyout and personal feelings are keeping a football team mediocre.  A horrendous buyout and clauses in player committments could potentially destroy next basketball season.  How is Coach Calipari’s buyout $200,000?  HE’S ONE OF THE HIGHEST PAID COACHES IN HIS PROFESSION!  Did they believe they would always keep him?  The stadium fiasco has never had a good plan or thought process.  The Big East left Memphis out and they’re stuck in a garbage conference.  RC….. it’s time to make the right move QUICKLY, or you can just borrow Mitch Barnhart’s hot seat that he doesn’t need anymore.


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Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming up in Tunica:

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Dates: April 03 through April 04, April 10 through 11


Gabby Johnson » 888-245-7829 / Stage Bar @ Goldstrike

Dates: April 07 through April 17


Bang! Fighting Championships-MMA » 800-456-0711 / Sam’s Town

Date: April 11


STYX » 800-303-7463 / Horseshoe

Date: April 11


Creedence Clearwater Revisited » 800-456-0711 / Sam’s Town

Date: April 17


Earth, Wind & Fire » 901-525-1515 / Harrah’s

Date: April 23


Josh Turner » 800-303-7463 / Horseshoe

Date: April 25



Talk to y’all this week.



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