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March 20, 2009

Kansas City, Day 3

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Just back from the Sprint Center…

It’s Memphis and Maryland tomorrow for the ticket to Phoenix.  I had a chance to talk with a lot of players and coaches, and you will be able to listen to those interviews on the front page of very soon.  It’s certainly a huge step up in opposition, both from a quality standpoint and from an awareness standpoint.  A lot of people know a lot more about Maryland than CSUN.  It’s going to be completely different tomorrow.

From the Tiger locker room…

It’s easy to say, but I think the players have truly put yesterday’s poor performance behind them.  Kind of a gut feeling on my part, but I think it’s fair to say.  Antonio Anderson seemed ready to take the mantle of dealing with Greivis Vasquez – he gave Vasquez a ton of credit, as did John Calipari, but said that he would be up to the task of handling him.  Vasquez is the kind of player the Tigers don’t see much; honestly, no one sees that type of player much.  There can’t be too many guys in college basketball who lead their teams in points, rebounds, assists, and steals per game.  Robert Dozier was in good spirits as well, noting that the first and second rounds are always tougher than people think.  He would know.  I also talked extensively with Doneal Mack, and I think you’ll enjoy the conversation.  Mack is one of my favorite Tigers to talk with because he always gives thoughtful answers and seems to enjoy talking about his team.  While he was concerned about his performance yesterday, he said he was still confident and ready to play.

Mack will start tomorrow, as normal, despite Roburt Sallie’s career day yesterday.

From the Maryland locker room…

Greivis Vasquez is a confident dude.  He is energetic, charismatic, and above all else, confident.  And he’s not afraid to say it out loud.  He took a shot at Conference USA, saying that he wasn’t sure about the Tigers because they play in a “questionable” conference.  He doesn’t know much about Memphis other than the fact that he respects Tyreke Evans and he thinks Antonio Anderson is a “good driver”.  That was pretty much it.  He confirmed what we all know – Maryland will zone Memphis up quite a bit.  I would encourage you to listen to his interview session on the website to get a full feel for this unique star.


At the end of the day, I think Memphis is going to play a hell of a lot better tomorrow.  Memphis ought to be able to attack the Maryland zone through aggressive driving and slashing, and that’s something John Calipari worked on with his team quite a bit today at practice.  They will have an edge in size and length on the inside, and they should be able to get a lot of offensive boards against the Terps.   Clearly stopping Vasquez is priority number one on defense, and that task will fall primarily to Antonio Anderson, but Doneal Mack and Tyreke Evans will help out on him too.  Vasquez is a little hot-headed at times, and can pick up fouls.  The Tigers need to attack him and try to get him in fould trouble as soon as they can – Maryland is much less dangerous without him.  It will be competitive, but Memphis is going to survive and advance.

Thanks again to our great sponsors Acura of Memphis and Central BBQ – we could not do it without them.

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  1. Good stuff Peter unlike that useless nonsense your boy Asskew. What a useless idiot.Memphis stomp your ACC team Asskew.

    Comment by mike — March 21, 2009 @ 4:25 pm

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