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March 13, 2009

30 Wins Doesn’t Get Old

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Remember when a 20 win season was the benchmark for an NCAA Tournament Team? Well, yesterday’s 20 wins has become today’s 30. With teams playing more game than in yesteryear, the cream of the crop should have the magical numeral 30 as their target number. The problem …..30 is an awful lofty perch. That is why what The Memphis Tigers have done over the course of the last four years should be appreciated by everyone that plays, watches, eats, sleeps, sniffs and lives College Hoops.

With their win over Houston in the Conference USA Tournament Semi-Finals, the Tigers have now strung together four consecutive 30 win seasons. They have won 134 games over that time period and counting. Both are new records. And for those of you who still are skeptical because the Tigers play in a less than stellar Conference, you don’t see Gonzaga or Butler or Utah or BYU or anyone else putting up numbers close to this. You didn’t see the Runnin’ Rebels do it with Larry Johnson and Greg Anthony. It wasn’t done by Akeem and Clyde’s Phi Slamma Jamma teams. It wasn’t done by anyone else in a Major Conference, Mid-Major Conference or Teeny-Weeny Conference. Nobody has done what the Tigers have done. Zippo. And that is why this accomplishment should be revered.


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  1. You just moved up 2 spots on the sportsbar tiger homer list.When will you figure out what Jeff,Will,and Rob knows, that Cal has everyone fooled.He has this rpi thing figured out.Just win more games then anyone in college history the last 4 years and you will get a high seed.We should all be as wise the the 3 clowns on the sportsbar

    Comment by mike — March 14, 2009 @ 5:56 pm

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