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February 18, 2009

Midnight Rambler

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Hey, I’m back after a little layoff, it takes a little while to recover from Super Bowl Week.

The Memphis Tigers are playing extremely well right now. If they are not the best defensive team in the country, they are certainly one of the top 3. Their performance at Gonzaga certainly showed me, and many others, a lot about this team. I think they will go undefeated again in CUSA and end up with a two seed in the NCAA Tournament. Many people have asked about the possibility of the Tigers getting a #1 seed, but I don’t see it happening. I think Oklahoma has all but wrapped up one, and the ACC and Big East champs, unless they come out of nowhere, will each get one, and the final one will likely be a second place team from one of those two conferences. They are clearly the two best conferences in America and will be rewarded for that. In the end, the Tigers will not have enough quality wins to slide into a #1 spot.

There have been some people saying that not only can the Tigers not play in the Memphis regional because it’s on their home court, but they also can not go to Indianapolis because it’s played on the same days as the Memphis regional. That is untrue. Jerry Palm, of, told us on the show yesterday that the NCAA got rid of that rule about 5 years ago. So while the Tigers can’t play here, they can go to Indy and I think there is a good chance they end up there or in Phoenix.

The Grizzlies have been much more fun to watch under Lionel Hollins so far, but let’s not get carried away. Any time a team switches coaches there is a period of renewed energy etc. that goes with it. I still don’t understand the hire, and don’t think anyone can logically defend the decision other than saying it was the cheap solution, but I’m willing to see how he does. So far, there have been definite improvements as a team and in the use of certain players, but we’ll have to see how things play out over the long haul.

Anyone who saw Tracy McGrady when the Rockets were in town a couple weeks ago or saw the video below, knew it was time for T Mac to call it a year and get his knee taken care of via surgery. Thankfully, McGrady has decided to do just that. I’m really starting to think that McGrady will never win a playoff series in his NBA career.

Yesterday was an interesting day in Memphis sports as the offices of Stanford Financial were raided by Federal Agents and all of the company’s assets frozen, as they’re accused of fraud. Most people know that Stanford is the title sponsor of the PGA Tour stop in Memphis, but don’t worry, the tournament isn’t going anywhere. If I had to guess, FedEx will step up to bail the tournament out this year, and then they will find a new sponsor by next year. The bottom line is, FedEx has too much invested in the tour with the FedEx Cup to allow the Memphis stop to go away, and the tour owns the course here so they will fight to insure a stop here also. So don’t worry, while the tournament will in all likelihood no longer be sponsored by Stanford, it will continue to be a big part of the Memphis sports scene.

Also yesterday, came news that Liberty Bowl Stadium must be brought up to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act by September of 2010. The mayor and other officials have said the timeline is troubling and unfair, what? The Justice Department originally notified the city that the stadium would have to be renovated in order to meet the ADA standards 10 years ago. Whether you thought an absolute deadline is coming or not, you certainly can’t be surprised that they set a deadline for these things to get done when you’ve done nothing for 10 years after you were originally notified.

DeJuan Blair’s 22 point, 23 rebound performance against Hasheem Thabeet and UConn the other night was one of the best performances I’ve seen all year. After doubting them all year, I’m really starting to believe in Pitt now.

The whole Kobe-Shaq co-mvps deal at the All-Star game was a joke. Shaq in no way deserved the award. We get it NBA, it was the big reunion between the two, so what?

I love the fact that everyone is praising the NBA for adding the Horse contest to all-star weekend. I think it was 2006 when I first said on the air that they should do this. Great idea NBA, too bad you didn’t listen to me back then.

Danny Gokey is clearly the front runner in my mind to be this year’s “American Idol.”

I’m glad the “Amazing Race” is back, it is a great show and the one reality show I’d most like to be on.


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