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February 13, 2009

Dumb idea

Filed under: Uncategorized — Greg Gaston @ 7:07 pm

Rumor had it that the University of Memphis Tigers Men’s Basketball team was going to wear orange and purple uniforms in their game this Wednesday night against SMU, to in essence, promote and honor Federal Express. Big mistake! And evidently the powers at be thought so too because I’m told the idea has been nixed.

Look, I understand the importance of FEDEX. Without them, the U of Memphis Athletics program would likely be in dire straights. I am also quite aware of the importance of Sponsorships. If it were not for corporations and businesses lending their financial support, sports as we know it, would not have evolved. Sure we would love the games for what they are (which for many is all that’s important) but we would not have all the modern amenities that we’ve become accustomed to……such as the new Arenas and Stadiums, Televison packages, etc.

The University of Memphis should do all they can to show their gratitude towards FEDEX, but pimping the players in orange and purple uniforms is crossing the line. ORANGE for goodness sakes! While your at it, throw a little FEDEX logo on the uni’s and maybe we can dress the coaching staff in FEDEX delivery men outfits. After the game the players can do their typical media interviews, but like Nascar Drivers, they can throw in their sponsors. Hey Antonio, you’ve really been working on your jumpshot………Antonio’s response…”Yea, my FEDEX Jumper really was a thing of beauty tonight. I also had the Pepsi Crossover dribble working to perfection”.

Top notch Athletes who play for top notch programs already do enough for their respective schools. They don’t need to be hawking anything. Now you may say, but Greg, don’t the players hawk shoes when they wear them or even uniforms? My response, you need sneakers and you need a uniform to play, but for the love of God, make sure it’s the school colors. The less the players do publicly in acknowledging sponsors, the better it will be.


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