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February 8, 2009

This & That

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Just a few observations from a pretty eventful sports weekend…

The Memphis Tigers win at Gonzaga blew me away. Of course I thought they were capable of winning (Although I did predict a close win for Gonzaga) but to do what they did to the Zags was sensational. All along I felt the Tigers were at best a Sweet 16 team, now I just don’t know. They rise to the challenge against the better teams, and never lose to teams beneath them. The Tigers could be cracking the Top 10 as early as Monday’s Polls. They are well coached and the players buy into the team concept. Maybe, just maybe, this team can still be playing on the final weekend.

The Memphis Grizzlies followed up Friday’s huge dissapointment against the Clippers with a win over the Raptors, their 3rd victory in their last 4 games. If I was a betting man, I would have went the other way on both games. Without the injured Rudy Gay, and an ineffective O.J. Mayo for three quarters, the Grizzlies role players stepped up and got the job done. A special kudos to Mike Conley who seems to have weatherd the “Trade Talk Storm” and is beginning to flourish under new head coach Lionel Hollins.

The news about the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez and a failed drug test for steroid use back in 2003 is shocking to me because it’s been able to be kept under wraps for this long. There is nothing from the world of Baseball that surprises me anymore. This is a game that has always ranked first with me, now I’m not so sure. From McGwire to Bonds to Clemens and now A-Rod……Baseball has become a joke, yet we still seem to give the sport a pass. Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio? The next thing they’re going to tell me is that Ripken, Gwynn and Jeter were juicing. If that ever happens, I’m likley finished.

A few quick hitters to wrap it up….

-Former Falcons Star Jamal Anderson arrested after snorting cocaine off the back of a toilet. I guess the true definition of a “Dirty Bird”.

-The Tennessee Vols lost at Auburn over the weekend and our now playing themselves out of the tournament.

-Nascar is back and there’s nothing like the Great American Race (The Daytona 500) which will be run February 15th on Fox 13. And low and behold the ageless woner, Batesville Arkansas’s Mark Martin, will start on the front row alongside pole sitter Martin Truex Jr.

-The Morgan Keegan Tennis Championships and Cellular South Cup starts on Friday February 13th. Here’s to good luck to the new owners and the hope that the Tournament will stay in the Bluff city for many more years. While I am not the biggest Tennis fan, I absolutely love this event. It is first class all the way. Where else can you see Pete Sampras play, followed later in the week by Andy Roddick, James Blake and Lleyton Hewitt? This is one of those annual Memphis traditions that needs to be cherished and appreciated.




  1. Greg,according to the 3 clowns on the sportsbar you are one of the fools,who Cal has in his pocket.Cal has everyone but the 3 of them fooled.Cal even has your guest Jerry Palm fooled,Cal has him fudging the tiger rpi numbers him.Yes it great that you have 3 host that are smarter then everyone else in the country and or not fooled by Cal the snakeoil salesman.How does it feel to be dumber then a Weinberger.Be careful saying good things about Cal and the Tigers you will be attack as a homer on the sportsclowns show

    Comment by mike — February 9, 2009 @ 6:18 am

  2. Mike,
    I think I have a pretty good relationship with everyone at the station but would have no problem calling someone out if I was attacked personally. I think what happens is people tend to generalize and put everyone into one group. I do have a problem with that. I don’t have a problem with people expressing their opinions, even if they are different than mine.
    As long as I don’t hear any attacks it rolls off my back. In addition, there are some media members in Memphis who I have respect for, and others who I don’t much care for. I have been doing this for nearly 25 years. I am not some Johnny come lately, or someone trying to earn my stripes.
    In that regard I know there are some people who say things just to get a rise from people, and that doesn’t bother me in the least.
    As for John Calipari, I have a great relationship with him and I like him. I have said things to him that have made him mad, but I was being truthful when I said it. He knows I shoot from the hip. When he comes on the show I am respectful. I am not trying to piss him off. I ask the tough questions when need be, but I don’t ask him things just to cause chaos.
    I guess it’s a good thing that we have so many different voices at Sports 56.
    Again, the worst thing is when hosts, bloggers or callers lump us all together. There is no agenda. We are all different in our viewpoints and backgrounds.

    Comment by Greg Gaston — February 13, 2009 @ 7:22 pm

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