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January 26, 2009

Midnight Rambler at the Big Game-Day 1

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It’s day 1 of the big week as Will Askew and MMR(Mr. Midnight Rambler) are in Tampa to cover the craziness that is the Super Bowl. It is by far the biggest sporting event of the year and the week leading up to it is a complete circus. Monday is always relatively quiet so today we have just basically got set up on radio row, renewed acquaintances with the many other radio hosts I gotten to know over the last four years, and wedid did a little work as well. As for first impressions go, Tampa is a great host city for the Super Bowl. I have been to this area before and absolutely love it, but I didn’t know what it was like for a Super Bowl. It seems like a great place for this event because they have everything they need in the downtown area so it’s not all spread out, and the weather is fabulous. Below are a few of the things to see here in the Tampa Convention Center, which serves as the media center this week and our home away from home.

They have a banner for each Super Bowl hanging on one wall of the room we are in. The biggest is this giant one representing this year’s Super Bowl.

These are the banners of the last four Super Bowls. Those are the others that I have been to. Jacksonville, Detroit, Miami and Phoenix are the cities from right to left.

This is the biggest Fathead ever. It’s an enormous Ben Roethlisberger on the wall of the radio row room.

This is a giant Larry Fitzgerald on the wall opposite of Roethlisberger. I know Fitzgerald is a big receiver, but this is ridiculous.

One of the staples of Super Bowl week is the terrific coverage on the NFL Network, and Rich Eisen is the anchor for the majority of the coverage. Eisen does a terrific job and puts in a ton of hours through the week. He managed to take a moment out of his busy schedule to stop by for a visit with us today.

Be sure to stay tuned throughout the week for our coverage from Tampa. I’ll be doing my show each day and Will will be on the Sports Bar and then Wednesday through Friday we will be doing special Super Bowl shows from 5p-7p. On Sunday we will do a special pregame extravaganza for three hours leading up to kickoff. We will be on from 2p-5p. You can listen in on Sports 56 or on the website and we’ll post all of the interviews from the week on the web site as well.

Tomorrow is the craziest day of the week as it is media day when we, and the 3,000 or so other media members here, get a chance to talk with the players and coaches for both teams down at the stadium, I’ll be posting another update with pictures tomorrow afternoon.

Till then, have a good one!


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