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January 26, 2009

Day 1, Blog 2

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Eli and I are about through for the day with our coverage of Super Bowl XLIII from down here in Tampa. Today we talked to a guy who played in the Super Bowl on a broken leg:

Jack Youngblood is tough.

Jack Youngblood is tough.

Jack Youngblood joined us and talked about his Super Bowl Experiences, one of which was playing at “50-75%” (his words) on a fractured leg. We also talked to Rich Eisen from the NFL Network as well, and he gave us some really interesting insight about this game and the stories surrounding the game. Tune in to Sports 56 Middays and the Sports Bar for the rest of the week, as well as our Super Bowl shows from 5-7 Wednesday through Friday for all of our interviews and coverage of the Super Bowl.

This being my first time here, I still have no idea who any of these people are, but it’s really interesting to see all of the media from around the country in one place for one event. The NFL, by the way, does it right. I was struck by how well the SEC did things when we were in Birmingham this summer, but the NFL takes it to another level altogether. Everything is first class.

Thanks to our sponsors–All Star Chevy, Jamison Your Lawn Partner, Car Wash USA Express, and Louis George Chrysler Dodge for helping us down here to cover the big game. Media day is tomorrow, so the baptism by fire will really get underway. We should have some great stuff, so be sure and check the blog all day tomorrow. Look for pictures of the TV Azteca girl. She’s nice looking.


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