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January 19, 2009

Monday in the Office

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It still hasn’t really hit me yet that I will be covering my first Super Bowl next week. Also strange is the fact that I will be covering the Arizona Cardinals in said Super Bowl. Never in a million years did I ever think that I would be covering the Cardinals. Amazing.

For some reason, I have a really hard time liking the Steelers. I have a couple of theories about this.

1. Ben Roethlisberger: I think Ben Roethlisberger is the most overrated quarterback in the league. I think it is an utter joke that he is the highest-paid player in the NFL at $27.7 million dollars this year. He now has 7 playoff wins, which is more a credit to the fact that he has a great defense every year than to him, although for some reason people seem to give him credit for it. To me, Roethlisberger has a couple of main strengths–he moves around well in the pocket, and he manages the game well. He is not a tremendously accurate passer, as his under 60% completion percentage this year would indicate, and he doesn’t put up terrific numbers every year…Last year was an exception. He was 24th in the NFL this year in QB rating, behind such superstars as Seneca Wallace and Trent Edwards. To me, Roethlisberger is good, but not great. So why does he get so much credit for the success of the team?

2. They’re Dirty: Steelers fans will say that they’re not dirty, just physical. I disagree. Ryan Clark’s hit on Willis McGahee was a perfect example of this. It was a clear helmet to helmet hit, and if you don’t believe me, watch the video:

Another play that epitomizes their dirty play happened last season in Ricky Williams’ first game back from his pot-induced sabbatical.

I don’t like dirty play, and stomping on a guy and breaking his arm is dirty. Clearly, their defense is excellent. I don’t like dirty play, though…and the Steelers have been dirty on many occasions.

3. Their Bandwagon Fans: I went off on bandwagon Laker fans in an earlier post…A lot of Steeler fans are the same way.

At any rate, the Steelers are clearly a great football team, and I love the way Troy Polamalu plays safety. It’s fun to watch. Kudos to the Steelers for a great season, and a great win yesterday. But I’ll be pulling for the other team.

–I’ve been a proponent of keeping Marc Iavaroni for the rest of the season. The Grizzlies can’t afford to. They must make a move now. The team clearly has stopped playing for him, and he has no idea what he is doing on the sidelines. Rudy Gay had 5 shots to Darius Miles’ 8 on Friday night? Darius playing the center position? No fastbreaks? It’s time for him to go.

Friday Night Lights is back on TV. That is excellent news. Minka Kelly, anyone?


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