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January 16, 2009

Pete Carroll – Pathetic

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Not that I would know, but I’m sure the decision to stay in college for one more season or go to the NFL is an excruciating one for elite players. Do you head to the pros and take the big money that likely awaits (along with the pressure and expectation), or do you play for free in college, knowing you’ve got few responsibilities and are a legend on campus? Tough call. USC QB Mark Sanchez made his decision to head to the NFL and try his hand in the league. He had a press conference Wednesday with his head coach, Pete Carroll, alongside as he expressed his thanks to the program and his hope for a great NFL career.

Pete Carroll disagreed with the decision, and said so publicly sitting beside Sanchez. He explained why Sanchez was statistically likely to fail.  It was jaw-dropping.

I could understand if privately Pete Carroll advised Sanchez to stay in school for one more year, if he told him that he would be better served to stick around.  But to do what Carroll has done  – to sit right next to Sanchez at a press conference and outline in great detail exactly why his QB is making a bad decision, and how he is likely now to be a bust – is pathetic.  Embarrassing.  He acted like a small, spoiled child who has hundreds of toys but throws a tantrum when his mom won’t buy him another one.   Carroll even authorized an article on his own website with tons of negativity about Sanchez and his decision. Carroll quotes from that article:

  • “The facts are so strong against this decision.  After analyzing all the information, the truth is there — he should’ve stayed for another year.”
  • ““Mark’s chance to increase his value and become the top player in college football next year would have been worth $10-$20 million or more — likely more.  One more year of running a team is almost priceless, so he lost the chance to fully prepare himself and become the very best he could be before going to the NFL.  That’s why there’s a 62 percent failure rate for underclassmen quarterbacks.

That’s just sad.  To see a coach who had garnered a lot of respect sink to this level is shocking.  Regardless of his own opinion, once Sanchez came to his conclusion, Carroll should have publicly supported his player and wished him the best.  Bringing up the rate of failure is extraordinary.  This is the kind of thing that might prevent future recruits from heading to USC.  How would you like to play for a coach who turns on you like this after you leave his program?  Despite the fact that Sanchez will graduate and will be a first round draft pick, Carroll still threw him under the bus.

How did that whole staying-for-all-four-years thing work out for Matt Leinart?  Oh yeah, his team’s in the NFC Championship game while being quarterbacked by a guy almost twice Leinart’s age.  John David Booty came back for his senior season at USC – he couldn’t even unseat Tarvaris Jackson or Gus Frerotte in Minnesota this year.  If you’re good enough to be drafted in the first two rounds, you should leave school early.  Simple as that.  Sanchez made the right call and Carroll should fully support him.

Contrast Carroll with Georgia coach Mark Richt, who lost both RB Knowshon Moreno and QB Matt Stafford (and who doesn’t have the depth of talent that Carroll does).  Here are Richt’s comments on Stafford and Moreno:  “I think whichever NFL teams get them will be very excited and very blessed by it.  They’ll not only be good players but they’ll be good in their locker rooms and good in their communities. They’re gonna do well.  Great representation for their families and family names. They’ve blessed our program. I hope that we’ve blessed them.”  You see anything in there about making a mistake?  About the likelihood of failure?  Stafford is a junior – won’t he fail, too?  Why didn’t Richt embarrass him like Carroll did to Sanchez?

I hope recruits take a look at the spoiled brat running USC’s football program and think long and hard about their college decision.


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  1. I believe John Calapari said it best. If you want to do was is best for my family you will stay in school, if you want to do what is best for you and your family you will enter the draft. Pete Carroll could learn a thing or two from Coach Cal!

    Comment by Miguel — January 18, 2009 @ 10:20 am

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