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January 2, 2009

Whatever Happened to New Year’s Day?

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Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2009 is a fantastic year for you all. Thanks for listening to the station and reading our blogs…we do all of this for you, and without you, it wouldn’t be possible. Thank you!

As I got up yesterday after the New Year’s Eve festivities (late night, good party, you know the drill), I started thinking about a lot of different things. Tons of stuff. But not about football – at all. It occurred to me sometime around lunchtime that I hadn’t even given one thought to college football…on New Year’s Day. When I was a kid, my friends and family would get together for an all-day football party. We’d bring in multiple TVs, split the cable connection, watch all the games at once – and it was incredible! Seemingly all the games mattered, all of them had significance, and at the end of the day, we had a national champion (or two). It wasn’t perfect, or even close, but it was fun.

Fast forward to today (or yesterday, to be exact). Because there is a “national championship” game, the other games have paled into insignificance. The matchups were bland and boring (what a terrible Orange Bowl between VA Tech and Cincinnati), the games – apart from USC/Penn State – were comprised of teams very firmly in the second tier of college football, and there was no compelling reason to watch any of it. None of it mattered at all.

In forcing us to give up that New Year’s Day of fun and significant football, the BCS was supposed to give us a true, undisputed national champion. That was the trade-off. We give up New Year’s Day, they give us a champ.

We held up our end of the bargain. New Year’s Day sucks. The Cotton Bowl is on January 2nd. The Fiesta Bowl is on January 5th. There is something called the International Bowl on the 6th. And then we crown a champ on the 8th. But do we have an undisputed champion? Absolutely not. Oh sure, the winner of the Florida/Oklahoma game will get the trophy and all the media types will call them the champs. They’ll wear the t-shirts and the hats. But we all know that they were selected for that game by a razor-thin computer margin over teams with similar resumes who could just as easily have been there. Texas, Texas Tech, Alabama, USC…they all had one loss and double-digit wins.

We’ve given up everything and solved nothing. And until more of us stand up and demand change, nothing will be done.

I want my New Year’s Day back!

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