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December 22, 2008

Grizzlies-Lakers Live Blog

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It’s always fun to see all the fair weather Laker fans show up for the Grizzlies-Lakers game. When the Grizzlies were better than the Lakers, the 40% of the crowd that are Laker fans tonight were Grizz fans. That being said…

1st Quarter:

It is close to a sell out crowd tonight. As I type this, Peter Edmiston is furious because the media lot was full…we had to pay to park tonight and he was about to hit someone in the face.

So far, the Lakers haven’t played too much defense. If they’re going to win an NBA Championship, they’re going to have to get better on the defensive end.

The in-game reception for Pau is much icier. A lot of boos for Pau’s good plays.

So…this is what it’s like to have a crowd in here. I almost forgot.

As I type, they just showed a video presentation honoring Pau. I forgot just how not photogenic Pau is. Awful expressions, every one. “The Pau Face” is something exclusive to Pau Gasol.

Marc Gasol can’t buy a break. He can’t get a shot to go early, and even when he does, he gets called for an offensive foul.

2:23 of the 1st–mark it. Worst. Grizz dance routine. Ever. I do like the knee high Christmas socks though.

Refereeing in the NBA is horrible. Not as bad as the magicjack Bowl, but still bad. They wait for about 5 seconds every play to blow the whistle. Horrible.

45.7 seconds left in the first–our first Greg Buckner sighting. Normally you shouldn’t see him until 2:00 left in the 4th up (or down) 30.

Oh my God. For the first time in his career, Kobe has been called for palming the ball. Unbelievable.

It’s the end of the 1st…in the last two games, the Grizzlies have given up an average of 65% field goal percentage…the Lakers have shot 58% in the 1st.

Nothing ruins Christmas quite like the Kings of the Court.

Dazz’s “Brick” is underrated as an arena song. I’m just saying.

2nd Quarter:

The Lakers are incredibly deep. When you can bring Vujacic, Ariza, Odom, and Farmar off your bench, you’ve got some really good players.

Bynum just picked up his 3rd foul with 11:11 left in the 2nd. That could be a big factor later in this game…the Grizz need to push Pau around and take him out of the game.

How was Chris Mihm a top 10 pick again?

Big three by Mayo after a nice steal by…Buckner?

Rudy Gay came to play tonight…11 points in about 13 minutes of play. He must enjoy playing in front of people; he has not done that often this year.

The Grizzlies are killing themselves with missed layups in this game. They have missed about 5 or 6 bunnies so far.

It bodes well that Gay has 11 and Mayo has 10.

This just in…with the Grizzlies rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, they are are officially adorable.

The Grizzlies seem to be playing very unselfishly tonight.

DARKO!! Two offensive rebounds on one possession! Now he has justified being the #2 pick!

Ok, maybe not.

OJ Mayo. Best player on the team.

I always find it ironic that they play an anti-war protest song during the military recognition portion of the evening. Someone should probably listen to the lyrics.

Kobe is heating up…two threes in a row. He might be an effective role player for someone some day in this league.

11 assists already for the Grizzlies in the first half…that has to be a record this season for a half, right?

Halftime score–Grizzlies 57, Lakers 49. I’m ready for the inevitable 3rd quarter collapse.

Tonight’s halftime entertainment–the Rockettes?? Wow.


I will say this. The Rockettes have really great outfits, and really great legs. They seem strangely robotic to me, though. They’re like Stepford Wives that dance around in hot Santa outfits.

3 Quarter:

Oh no. Kobe just hit a fadeaway jumper to open the quarter followed by an OJ turnover. That does not bode well.

1 minute in, and the Lakers have already cut the lead in half.

I wasn’t planning on being right about the inevitable 3rd quarter collapse. I was hoping my record on the picks would carry over to the predictions about tonight.

So…Darrell Arthur likes spaceships. Wasn’t there a story about him and Mario Chalmers…and weed? Yeah, that’s starting to make some more sense now.

We’re barely 3 minutes in, and the Lakers are up 6 in the quarter already. This team really needs to be better at the start of the game and the second half. Starting well is not really this team’s calling card.

Darko has been playing much more aggressive basketball lately. He’s a mean effing Serbian. And a crazy psycho.

Marc Gasol is having a really tough night. There’s lots of pressure…Pau is the best player this franchise has ever had…until OJ Mayo takes that title.

Kyle Lowry just hit a 3…take a picture. It may not happen again for a while, so we need to commemorate this occasion.

I know Kobe’s game has really blossomed in the last couple of years since he started getting teammates more involved, but he’s not doing it tonight. He’s been at his best when just taking over scoring.

What the hell is the Grizzlies Dance Team wearing?

Hakim Warrick shoots a hell of a lot. He’s playing really well tonight though…he has 13 points and is 5-7 from the field.

End of the third–80-77 Grizzlies. Must say that I’m actually kind of surprised.

Grizz Line? Back by popular demand? I doubt it.

4th Quarter:

Any time you can work Won’t Get Fooled Again in, it’s a great idea. Top 10 song of all time, without a doubt.

The officials suck.

The Grizzlies’ half court offense is non-existent without Mayo or Gay on the floor. Without those two, they have no scorers. When Darko has to hit a hook shot at the buzzer, then it’s not working.

Again…what are the Grizz Girls wearing? Just because you do your routine to Run DMC doesn’t mean you have to wear an outfit like Run DMC.

The Grizz have managed to hold on to a 3 point lead with Mayo and Gay out. That’s very solid.

The Grizzlies just ran a clear out for Darko on the low post. They don’t deserve to get a basket there.

I really hate Kobe fans…and bandwagon Laker fans in general. They just bother me. Where were you when the Lakers were struggling to make the playoffs two years ago? You were probably Spurs fans back then. You had to shelf the Duncan jersey for the Kobe jersey and now you act like you’ve loved the Lakers your whole life. I doubt they even know who George Mikan is. I really hope the Grizzlies win this game so those idiots can go home upset.

Nothing gets the crowd fired up like Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky.” That’s what I’ve always said, at least.

Big three point play for Conley. Strong move and a nice finish over Radmanovic.

Terrible call on Darko. No surprise though…Kobe took the shot and it didn’t go in. He must have been fouled, right?

Final media timeout…Grizz up 93-92, but Odom just had a monster dunk to cut it to one.

Grizzlies are out of sync with 1:30 left. Quinton Ross just jacked a three with Gay and Mayo on the floor.

Pau Gasol just hit a clutch shot…and Mayo answers!!!

Was there any doubt that Kobe was hitting that 3? Any at all?

Let me set the scene here…there are 34.8 seconds left in a 3 point game, and the Grizzlies have the ball…and I just saw some people leaving. F%($(# those people.

Rudy Gay just jacked a terrible shot.

Grizz ball down four with 31 seconds left. Not looking good at this point. Now there are a bunch of people leaving. Is it really worth it? You know what’s worse than a fair-weather Laker fan? Someone who leaves right now. That’s worse.

Steal by the Lakers…game over. Good effort by the Grizzlies, but predictably in crunch time, Kobe hit a shot and the Grizzlies folded.

Now I’m off to the locker room…I’m going to punch the dude with the “Strippers Love My Pole” t-shirt on the way out.

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