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December 19, 2008

I Did Not Post This Using a magicJack

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The locals are not real impressed with the magicJack.

The locals are not real impressed with the magicJack.

Just kind of wanted to give you a heads up on the Tampa/St. Pete reaction to the bowl game. 

Toilet Bowl? Hmmmmmm. 

That’s probably not good.  There’s no real way to make that look good.  But hey – at least the Tigers and the Bulls are excited, right?  Right? 

Whether you like it or not, tomorrow is the bowl game, and Will and I are down here to cover it like no one’s business.

And apparently it isn’t anyone’s business, judging by the interest level we’re seeing down here.  Before I go too much further, I want to thank the fine people at the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort down here on St. Pete Beach, and particularly Cathy Claessen.  The folks here could not have been more gracious to us and we feel welcomed and at home.  If you’re ever in this area – and you need to be because it is beautiful – be sure to check out the TradeWinds.  It is a fantastic property with everything you could want to have.

We’re about to head over to get our first glimpse of Tropicana Field as configured for the bowl game.  I have to mention – Tropicana Field looks like a dump from the outside, especially at night.  It literally looks like a warehouse with a small green neon “TROPICANA FIELD” sign attached.  Pathetic.  It gives the Mid-South Coliseum a run for its money in the decor department.   Although given all of that, it’s probably the perfect spot to host the magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl. 

It is currently 78 degrees, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and it is an amazingly gorgeous day.  The same is expected tomorrow.  So I really want to give a big thumbs up to the geniuses who decided to have a bowl game in St. Pete indoors!  Why would anyone want to sit in mid-70’s sunny splendor? 

We’ll try to grab some sound and interviews before the Sports Bar, but no promises – availability may be limited for the walkthrough this afternoon.  In fact, we’re not even really sure that we can officially get into the walkthrough.  But you know what – for you guys, we’re busting in, regardless.  

If there’s anything you want us to talk about or write about, email me (peter (at)  Also, if you have any food or drink recommendations (George?), please let me know too.

Have a magicJack filled day.


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