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December 3, 2008

Auburn–What Are You Thinking?

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When I got in to work today, I was accosted by people telling me that Tommy Tuberville was about to get fired at Auburn. “No way,” I said. “No way they could be that stupid.”

Well, turns out, they were that stupid. How do you let a guy go that was 7-3 against Alabama? How do you let a guy go who was 9-5 in his last 14 games against teams in the top 10? How do you let a guy go who has won the West 5 times in 10 years? How do you let a guy go whose players actually went to class (20 of his players have over a 3.0)? How do you fire a guy that had 42 wins in the four seasons leading up to this one–4th most in the country?

This move reeks of panic. Auburn had a bad year. Yes, their offense was terrible under Tony Franklin. Yes, they went 5-7 and lost to Alabama 36-0 this year…but look at the guy’s record! So now, you’re willing to start over and get someone else? When your arch rival has Nick Saban and the #1 team in the country?

Until Saturday, Tommy Tuberville had the best winning percentage in Iron Bowl history. He’s still 7-3. Before Saturday, the last time I had seen Alabama was on my ex’s couch in Fort Worth, Texas in 2001. Ask anyone I know how long ago that was.

So where do you go now, Auburn? Bobby Petrino? Please. Will Muschamp? Good luck. Good luck finding a coach that’s close to Tommy Tuberville. And good luck starting over as long as Nick Saban’s in your state. That should work out well for you.


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