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December 2, 2008

Weekly Ramblings

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Thoughts I’ve had while making the long drive home to Illinois for the holiday.

This is one of the craziest stories I have ever seen. I’m not sure what to say, other than husbands, when you take your drunk wife to a football game, don’t let her go to the bathroom by herself, you never know what might happen.

– Why would Les Miles put his kicker on the field to try a 63-yard field goal into the wind? There was absolutely no chance whatsoever of him making the kick. I’m not saying that a Hail Mary pass would have worked, but at least there is a slight chance that something good could happen on a Hail Mary, there was no possibility of success with the field goal attempt. For some reason, people wonder why I don’t think Miles is a very good coach.

– Good luck to Sylvester Croom. I really wish it would have worked out for him at Mississippi State, but it just did not. Last season was clearly just a fluke and this season was much more of the norm under Croom. He’ll have no problem finding work, but it was definitely time for the Bullies to go a different direction.

– Tennessee handled Phil Fulmer’s last game very well. All the festivities were well done and it really was a celebration of Fulmer’s contributions to the program which was well deserved.

– How about the five game run DeAngelo Williams is on? In his last five, Williams has four 100-yard games and nine total touchdowns. He has a chance at making the pro bowl.

– Have you ever seen a worse day of football than Thanksgiving Day. Watching some good football is supposed to be a part of the holiday, but all three games were over by the end of the first quarter. Some other notes on the games, the NFL has to think about taking the Lions off the Thanksgiving lineup until they get better and they should never make a team travel cross-country for a Thursday game like the Cardinals had to do. Short weeks are tough enough, but it has to be almost impossible to prepare your team and travel across the country in three days.

– The San Diego Chargers of this year are one of the great disappointments in recent NFL history.

– The Memphis Grizzlies are quickly turning into a complete disaster again this year. While there is definitely some young talent that gives fans hope for the future, Saturday night’s loss to Oklahoma City was terrible. It is clear that some players on this team have completely tuned out Marc Iavaroni and now the fans are starting to turn on the coach also, as illustrated by a “Fire Iavaroni” chant that started at the end of Saturday’s game. I’m not sure if it’s fair to judge Iavaroni as a head coach after just more than one season, but he certainly makes some questionable moves at time and if the players no longer believe in him, and the fans are going to start voicing their displeasure every night, then Michael Heisley may have to make a change soon.

Before I go, in honor of Peter King, one odd travel note of the week. Last week as MWR was travelling back from Daytona Beach with the Ole Miss basketball team, we were at the Orlando airport early in the morning and there was a little coffee/snack stand that was getting set to open. Keith Carter, the analyst for the radio broadcasts, asked the girl behind the counter what time they open and she said they open at 5:35. Really? 5:35? What time do you close, 12:03?

That’s all for this week. I’m out!


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