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November 30, 2008

This & That (Turkey week edition)

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So much going on in the sports world, limited time to discuss. Here’s a few of my thoughts….

-The Final BCS Standings are out. I’m not saying Oklahoma doesn’t have a legitimate argument to be the Big 12 South Rep in the league title game, but think about this for a second. You are Texas, you beat the Sooners head to head, and your only loss was to Texas Tech on the road on a last second play after what should have been a game clinching pick. What else does Texas have to do? The system we have is flawed more than Lindsay Lohan. And you know what’s even worse? With an upset win by Mizzou over Oklahoma, the Longhorns still have a chance at making the BCS Title game. That’s right! Can’t win your division, let alone your Conference, but perhaps you’ll play for the brass ring. PATHETIC!

-I like the Lane Kiffin hiring at Tennessee as much as I like Liver. UGH! At least Papa Kiffin is expected to join his baby boy on the hill. Monte is a defensive genius. I’m still trying to figure out what Lane is.

-Speaking of the Vols, we’ve been all over Phil Fulmer this season but the bottom line is the guy was Tennessee Football. He finishes 100 games over .500 as the Vols Head Coach, plus a National Title. Not too shabby! Happy trails Phil and best of luck whatever you decide to do.

-Mississippi State now is in the market for a new head coach after Sly Croom’s resignation Saturday. I like Croom and I hope he gets another opportunity. It’s a tough business when you can be unemployed a season removed from being named the SEC Coach of the year.

-On the subject of coaches, godspeed to former Tigers coach Murray Armstrong who passed away over the weekend after fighting cancer for the last year. His rough outside contained a caring, passionate inside and he will be missed. The guy spent nearly 50 years at Memphis after playing ball and attending the University of Tennessee.

Here’s some quick hitters…..

-If offered, the Memphis Tigers need to play in the St. Petersburg Bowl against a Big East Opponent.
-The Grizzlies lockerroom is getting ugly, especially after losing to Oak City. As much as I like him, Marc Iavaroni’s days may be numbered. It all depends on how he fits in the Grizzles “Three year Plan”.
-Deangelo Williams could be headed to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl Game. The only problem is the bulk of the league’s top tier backs this season are in the NFC.
-They don’t normally get much love but I do have to say hats off to the lady tigers and new coach Melissa McFarrin. 5-2 start and the Piggly Wiggly Classic title. Is that more wins than the last two seasons combined?
-The Memphis Men are currently on hiatus until Tuesday when they play host to Marist. The team will get better but right now I may have to adjust my prediction of 5 losses to more like 7 or 8. I think Georgetown, Tennessee and Gonzaga are all road losses at this point.
I could go on and on but that’s enough to chew on for right now.


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