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November 19, 2008

On the Couch!

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College Football Thoughts:

Terry Bowden is available to coach.  Why aren’t teams interested?


– Despite scoring 50 or more points in six games this year, Missouri won’t beat any team in the Big XII Title Game.


– I expect Tommy Tuberville to force his firing at Auburn, ESPECIALLY if the beat Alabama.


– Alabama has outrushed its opponents 2184-826 yards.


– Since the Ole Miss loss, Florida has been the most dominant team in college football.  They’ve outscored their opponents 299-63 and have won each game by at least 28 points.  They’re the first team to ever win six straight SEC games by 28 or more points.  Tim Tebow has 15 touchdowns and 0 interceptions in the last four games against ranked opponents.  They are the best team in America today.


NFL Thoughts:

– Kurt Warner for MVP.  The Cardinals should give him a contract extension.  There’s no way Matt Leinart is this good right now.  The Cardinals are building a team that can win for a few years in a row.  Warner gives them the best chance.


– Overtime needs to be changed.  First of all, I laugh at the NFL players who say they don’t know the overtime rules.  Seriously?  I knew the OT rules when I was six years old.  I think we should go the college route, but start with the ball at the 45 yard line, so teams aren’t automatically in field goal range.   


– At least 15 teams will have a new coach by next season.


– Don’t look now, but Peyton Manning is heating up.  Manning has seven touchdowns and no interceptions in the last three games.  The Colts are 3-0. 


Other Thoughts:

– Tigers Basketball– It’s funny to hear Tigers fans early in the season.  Ten minutes into the UMASS game, I heard fans saying things like, “I told you we were going to be terrible.  Willie Kemp’s awful.  I really expected more from Wesley Witherspoon.  Derek Kellogg knows how to stop Cal.”  Calm down Tiger Nation!  They won by 30.  They’ll win a lot of games by 30.  They’ll look sloppy early, and finish strong once they get into the groove offensively.  They’ll always play defense which will give them a chance to win on any given night.  The Tigers will get into the tournament with a high seed, win two games, and who knows from there.  Just relax Nation.


– Tigers Basketball– Can’t wait to see the result of someone taking a charge from Pierre Henderson-Niles!  I like the new uniforms. 


– NBA– Hey Jeff Van Gundy- SHUT UP!  Just calm down and make your point.  We’re not all idiots watching you.  Besides, you aren’t a basketball genius.  You sound more like Rick Barry every day.  Now there’s what you want to strive for!


– NBA– Here are my NBA Predictions for 2008-09:

            – East Champion: Boston Celtics

            – West Champion: New Orleans Hornets

            – NBA Champion: New Orleans Hornets

            – MVP: LeBron Jmes

            – Rookie of the Year: OJ Mayo

            – Defensive Player of the Year: Kobe Bryant

            – Coach of the Year: Byron Scott


– One Loss Teams– Who is the best one loss team in sports?  The New York Giants, the Florida Gators, the Texas Longhorns, or the Los Angeles Lakers?  I’ll go with the Gators, because if you’re not a Gator, you’re Gatorbait!


– UFC 91– Can’t believe I watched.  I hate Ultimate Fighting.  I HATE IT!  First of all, these were two of the greatest fighters, supposedly.  One has a record of 16-9.  OOOH, how imposing!  Brock Lesnar is considered a heavyweight?  He should be a fat weight.  How can anyone take this sport seriously when Joe Rogan does color commentary with big terms like awesome, bad ass, best fighter in world, best this, best that.  Shut up Joe Rogan and go talk about people eating worms.  UFC is more similar to Fear Factor than a real sport.



The Fish Scales:

– The only college football ranking system that actually puts all teams on an even playing field and rewards accomplishment.  This is the 11th year of the Fish Scales which will culminate with Fish Bowl XI at the end of the season. The Fish Scales ranks teams based on accomplishment, seeds them 1-16, and then plays a simulated playoff on XBOX 360.  It’s not necessarily the “best” 25 teams in the country, but the 25 teams that have had the best season.  The top 16 are rewarded with a playoff.  Following are the top three teams for the SEC, CUSA, Top 25, and NFL Scales:

SEC- 1. Alabama  2. Florida  3. Georgia

CUSA- 1. Houston  2. Tulsa  3. Rice

Fish Scales Top 25- 1. Utah  2. Alabama  3. Boise State

NFL- 1. Titans  2. Giants  3. Panthers


To receive the SEC, CUSA, NFL, and top 25 Fish Scales, send an email to  You’ll be added to the mailing list and receive the Scales each week.

tunica-banner1 tunica-banner1 tunica-banner1

There’s plenty happening in the next few months in Tunica.  For a complete list of events and attractions in Tunica, Mississippi, click on the link below.  Get easy access to the casino’s, golf courses, and all other entertainment. 

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming up in Tunica:

November 20 – 23

Jungua: Descendants of the Dragon



November 22

Clint Black

Sam’s Town


November 22

fights at the Fitz



November 26

Ingram Hill

Sam’s Town


December 13

Frank Caliendo                           

    Sam’s Town



Talk to y’all this week.


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