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November 18, 2008

One shopping day left…

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…until my birthday.  Just saying.  You’ve still got time to get that gift.

I was really impressed with the crowd last night at the Tiger game.  The only thing more impressive than the 16-17 thousand or so was the fact that Ron Tillery was among them.  What kind of crazy person goes to a 11 pm tipoff game, stays for the whole thing, interviews John Calipari, then shows up and does the Morning Rush just 4 hours after leaving FedExForum?  He’s insane.  I watched as much as I could on TV before sleep eventually defeated me.  This team is a long way from the team I saw in San Antonio last April…but that’s no surprise.  That team was dramatically different from the team that started the 2007-08 season a year ago.  We simply don’t know how much Tyreke Evans will grow into the role of go-to scorer or what we can expect from Pierre (Henderson) Niles or even whether Antonio Anderson will play the majority of the point this season.  We didn’t know what Derrick Rose would be capable of in the NCAA Tournament a year ago either.

Because of Conference USA, the Tigers have a doughnut schedule – there’s a huge hole in the middle.  It means that there will always be lots of questions about the quality of their schedule and their ability to handle the tough tournament opposition.  And the only way for Memphis to handle those questions is the exact way they did it last season – just keep on beating good teams.

Quick Hits of the Week (a la Peter King)

  • How do you not know the rules of the game you play, Donovan McNabb?  You’re better than that.
  • While I don’t condone insider trading, I think Mark Cuban is getting a bad rap on this whole deal.  But I would advise that you should never invest in any company called – you’re just asking for trouble when you do that.  What does that site do, anyway?
  • Way to almost completely embarrass yourself then somehow magically come back from the brink of disaster to eke out a barely forgivable victory over Troy, LSU.
  • Apart from Florida and Alabama, the SEC isn’t very good this year.
  • Tim Tebow wasn’t lying when he said he would make sure nothing like the Ole Miss loss happens again.   And speaking of the Rebels, I’m happy for the Rebel fans out there…have fun in Atlanta.
  • The Big 12 is really good this year.
  • I’m just gonna come out and say it: O.J. Mayo is better than Rudy Gay.
  • Hey Rich Rodriguez – telling your fans to “get a life” is brilliant.  That always works well.  Fans are generally prone to introspection at times like these.  I’m sure that goblueosusux201 will take a contemplative look back at his life and his priorities before posting his thoughts on the Michigan/Northwestern game.
  • I still can’t believe that Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open with a broken leg and torn knee ligaments.

As far as the Tennessee coaching search is concerned, I’m starting to warm to the idea of Brian Kelly, though I still think it’s going to end up being Mike Leach.  Part of me is rather excited to see Leach unleash his incredible offense on the SEC, but another part of me questions his ability to work in the SEC with his, ahem, quirky personality.  Speaking of which, check this video out…

It’s hard to fully comprehend what we just saw there.  He has an animatronic pirate skeleton in his office.  That’s strange even by Leach standards.  You can check out more of Leach’s magic by clicking here…I recommend listening to his dating advice.


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  1. You guys will never quit,your right the Tigers and every non bcs school should not even lace it up,they play weak scheludes so they have no chance of advancing.Sports56 should lead the charge tell Cal the tigers there weak schelude is holding them back. Image how good this team would be if they played a tough. schelude.They would have blown out mich st. texas and ucla by 40points instead of 20.Your getting goofy like your boy jeff jr..(Will)

    Comment by mike tramel — November 18, 2008 @ 5:38 pm

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