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November 10, 2008

This & That

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Some ramblings from the Sports World………….

-The Tennessee Vols should be a shame of themselves for playing as uninspired as they did in a 13-7 loss to Wyoming. The fans who spend good money to watch the team deserve better

-Speaking of the Vols, Butch Davis would be a great replacement for Phil Fulmer but good ole Butchy ain’t leaving UNC. The coach that makes the most sense is Mike Leach. He’s Offensive minded and speaks his mind. (Not unlike that Pearl guy who coaches your men’s hoop team)

-I know Conference USA has been dreadful this football season, but can you not feel good about Tommy West and the Tigers. Yes, they should be competing for the C-USA Title, but at least through all their injuries they have buckled down and found ways to win. That’s the sign of good character.

-Who really is the best team in the nation? Bama, Florida, Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma, USC? Where does Utah and Boise State fit in? I hope Bama and Tech lose so the BCS can be in total chaos. Without a playoff system to break things down, the National title participants will be determined by human preferences and computers. Isn’t that how Bear Bryant wanted it?

-The Titans continue to amaze me. No running game against the Bears…no problem. I guess when it comes down to it, Kerry Collins can do more than just manage a game. He can actually throw the ball, and throw it pretty well.

-The Grizzlies are another scorer away from being 5-2. The team is playing some inspired ball and the defense is extremely better. The problem is that when Gay or Mayo are off, there’s no other options and their opponents know it. I say why not dress out Antoine Walker and let him score the ball for 10 minutes? Even Marco Jaric can shoot the rock. Quinton Ross and Greg Buckner are hard nosed defensive minded players but together on the court give the the Grizzlies a big goose egg from an offensive standpoint.

-And the Memphis Tigers hoop campaign starts Saturday against Fairfield. Once healthy and once the youngsters are on the same page with the veterans, this team will be not only competitive, but awfully fun to watch. Expectations however should be tapered. It’s awfully hard to duplicate near perfection, especially when you are missing some major ingredients.



  1. Just competitive really,Why some of you on this station will just not give this program credit for what it is,and competitive is not it.Will they be as good as last year,time will tell.No Tiger fan is expecting a 2 loss season,They might even lose a couple of conf. games.There is a reason this program is on the verge of making history and competitive is not it. So let me get this right,the griz are playing inspiring basketball but yet the Tigers will be competitive.I guess this town needs a few naysayers even though your a dieing breed

    Comment by mike tramel — November 16, 2008 @ 7:36 am

  2. Mike,
    I love the fact that you listen to seemingly all the shows, and are a consistent e-mailer. I think sometimes you even say some meaningful and intelligent things.I also think you have a chip on your shoulder. Maybe your just messin’ with us, but boy do you always seem to be negative.
    As for your comments, don’t take everything you read literally. I have covered the Tigers basically every day since I arrived here in 1995. Inwardly I root for this team, but I try to stay professional when it comes to cheering for them on the outside.
    As a member of the media, I try to be right down the middle and play no favorites. There are times when you can’t paint a pretty picture. Problem with you is that if were not declaring “They’re the greatest thing since sliced bread”, then it’s a problem.
    Believe me, I’ve been called a “Homer” because I care too much about this University. Just relax a bit. We are not out to get anybody.

    Comment by Greg Gaston — November 17, 2008 @ 5:06 pm

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