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October 30, 2008

Sunday on the Couch!

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I did not spend Sunday on the Couch.  I spent Sunday at Carrie Underwood’s concert at the DCC.  If you listen to the show and read SOTC, you know my love for Carrie.  I sat in the 2nd row, and she is just as gorgeous as you would think.


She did a great job entertaining the fans, was owning the stage, and she certainly has the voice of an angel.  One problem- she kept saying that she doesn’t have a date for the CMA’s and acted like she can’t find one.  Come on Carrie.  We ain’t buying it.  We’re not that stupid.  Don’t tease like that.


College Football Thoughts:

Memphis Tigers- I like the Wild Tiger!  The Tigers did everything I thought that they should against Southern Miss.  They got creative, mixed it up, and threw the kitchen sink at the Golden Eagles.  Keep it up Tommy.  It felt like the old days.  I know the Tigers are in a difficult situation with the quarterback injuries, but they can still win by making it difficult for opposing teams to prepare.  The Tigers have enough playmakers to play well offensively.  They just need to get the ball in the playmakers hands.  Saturday they did that.  Don’t let up.  Conservative won’t win any games for the Tigers with their lack of a QB.  Keep being creative and the Tigers will go bowling and Tommy will be around a little longer. 


Notre Dame– Charlie Weis has more wins against the Pac 10 than Tyrone Willingham has since Chuck took over the Fighting Irish.  Amazing!  I guess that’ll rightfully cost you a job considering Tyrone’s team is in the Pac 10!


Penn State I guess Penn State is the real deal.  I was hoping they would lose to The Ohio State University, because a perfect scenario was playing out.  The Georgia-Florida game (Arguably the Game of the Year) would have potentially been a play in game for the National Title.  The winner would play an undefeated Alabama in the SEC Title Game, and the winner of that game would go to the title game against Texas.  I don’t envision Texas losing, but it might be the only way the SEC gets into the BCS Title Game.  Alabama seems to be the only team that could pass the Nittany Lions, although that will be difficult.  If an undefeated team from the SEC is left out of the BCS Title Game again, we might have a plus-one sooner than later.  Based on schedule, a one loss SEC team should probably be in ahead of Penn State, but that’ll never happen.


Georgia Bulldogs– Knowshon Moreno is the leader in the clubhouse for Heisman highlight/ ESPY highlight of the year after his 68 yard scamper on Saturday.  Moreno has three straight 100 yard games.


Texas Longhorns– In his last three games, Colt McCoy has thrown for 1005 yards and 5 touchdowns.  He’s rushed for 3 more touchdowns, while turning the ball over just once.  Pretty amazing for the Heisman front runner.  Texas is 16-2 in their last 18 versus ranked opponents.


Auburn Tigers– The Tigers have lost three straight for the first time since 1999.  In those games, Auburn is averaging just 220 yards per game. 


Alabama Crimson Tide– Nick Saban won’t ever lose to Phillip Fulmer again, although he might never have to coach against him again.  He’s 4-1 against the Vols.  The Tide have trailed for just 1:15 this year (to Ole Miss).  They’ve outscored their opponents 101-6 in the 1st half. 


Tennessee Volunteers– Quit trying to convince me that Nick Stephens is doing a good job.  This offense is putrid and it starts with the quarterback.  They’ve been below 300 yards of total offense in the last six games.  Arian Foster (preseason first team SEC) has 131 rushing yards in five SEC games for an average of 26.2 yards per game.  WOW!  In the last four years, the Vols are a horrible 6-14 against ranked opponents, and they are worse against top ten teams, going 1-9 this decade. 


Florida Gators– I guess they have found their running game.  In the last three, the Gators are averaging 252 yards on the ground.  The defense has continued to shut people down in the first half, allowing just two touchdowns all season.


NFL Thoughts:

San Francisco 49ers– I’m not sure Mike Singletary’s tirade at Vernon Davis and the media was a great idea.  It’s pretty easy to lose your team when they’re playing as bad of football as anyone in the National Football League.  Singletary’s credentials as a future head coach include losing to one of the worst teams in the league at home, and sending a player to the shower.  Not a good start.


Kansas City Chiefs– Brodie Croyle (Alabama) has probably played his last game for the Kansas City Chiefs.  As a starter for KC, he has more injuries (4) than wins (0).  Croyle is an imperfect 0-8. 


New England Patriots– Still the best team in the AFC East.  Don’t let the Bills or Favre fool you.  Those two teams might be closer to the Dolphins than the Pats.


Cleveland Browns– If they keep playing the way they are now, which is competitive, they might actually save Romeo Crennel’s job.  The Browns have won three of four and there are only seven teams currently with a better record in the AFC.


Other Thoughts:

The World Series– Thank goodness the Fall Classic didn’t end with a rain out.  That would have been the biggest disaster in baseball since the Pete Rose debacle.  Change the rule today!  Someone (Bud Selig) should have told the umpires and the managers that the Series wasn’t going to end with a rainout.  That last inning should have never been played.  I give the umpires credit for making sure the Rays had a shot.  They didn’t want to make that call either.  Maybe Selig could have let them in on his secret. 


Memphis Grizzlies– Maybe I’m being a wishful thinker, but I think the Grizzlies should win 25-30 games.  I’m predicting 25, but if things go right, they could get close to 30.  I’m surprised to hear the experts picking anywhere from 16-21.  16?  Wow.  If the opener in Houston is any indication, Darrel Arthur will be starting soon.  Arthur and Marc Gasol were very impressive in their debuts.  I like the youth, the athleticism, and the physical play.  What I don’t like is 0-12 from downtown.  Someone will have to step up and be their three point shooter.  It could be Rudy or OJ (0-7 at Houston), although the opener wasn’t encouraging. 


The Fish Scales:

– The only college football ranking system that actually puts all teams on an even playing field and rewards accomplishment.  This is the 11th year of the Fish Scales which will culminate with Fish Bowl XI at the end of the season. The Fish Scales will rank the teams based on accomplishment, will seed the teams 1-16, and will play a simulated playoff on XBOX 360.  It’s not necessarily the “best” 25 teams in the country, but the 25 teams that have had the best season.  The top 16 are rewarded with a playoff.  Following are the top three teams for the SEC, CUSA, and NFL Scales:

SEC- 1. Alabama  2. Georgia  3. Florida

CUSA- 1. Tulsa  2. Houston  3. East Carolina

Fish Scales Top 25- 1. Texas  2. Penn State  3. Alabama

NFL- 1. Titans  2. Giants  3. Redskins


To receive the SEC, CUSA, NFL, and top 25 Fish Scales, send an email to  You’ll be added to the mailing list and receive the Scales each week.


There’s plenty happening in the next few months in Tunica.  For a complete list of events and attractions in Tunica, Mississippi, click on the link below.  Get easy access to the casino’s, golf courses, and all other entertainment. 

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming up in Tunica:

November 7

Anita Baker



November 8

Tracy Lawrence



November 8

Phil Vassar

Gold Strike


November 22

Clint Black

Sam’s Town


November 22

fights at the Fitz



November 26

Ingram Hill

Sam’s Town


December 13

Frank Caliendo

Sam’s Town


Although the scrambles are over for the year, keep up with Tunica National events all fall and winter long at  Plus, the weather is perfect to set up a tee time.  For more information, call 866-TEE-OFF1 or go online at


Talk to y’all this week.


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