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October 21, 2008

Sunday on the Couch!

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College Football Thoughts:


Memphis Tigers- Who’s the next Tigers quarterback?  Does Mo Avery have any eligibility left?  I believe the Tigers need to go with the Wild Tiger offense.  Everyone agrees that the Tigers receivers are their best asset offensively.  Currently, they have no one to get them the ball.  Put a wide receiver in the backfield with Curtis Steele, and Charlie Jones (when he returns), and just get creative.  Tommy West can’t use the injury excuse to save him.  He needs to overcome the injuries and get this team to a bowl.  Southern Miss (2-5 / 0-3) is a very winnable game as is SMU (1-7 / 0-5).  As a matter of fact, UCF (2-4 / 1-1) and Tulane (2-4 / 1-2) are also winnable.  Three wins in four games- very difficult task, but with a lot of creativity, it’s possible.  Come on Tigers!  We enjoyed watching the gamblin’ Tigers just a few years ago.  Make the game exciting!  Give yourselves a chance!  The “quarterbacks” now aren’t going to lead you to a bowl (49 yards of offense in 2nd half vs. ECU / 5 yards in 3rd quarter).  Get as creative as possible Coach West.  Do not get Tyler Bass ready for next year.  He’s not ready this year, and you might not be around to see him play in the future!  Little Rock radio stations are speculating that Gus Malzahn (Tulsa O.C.) will be roaming the Tigers sidelines next year.


Georgia Bulldogs- The play calling confuses me sometimes.  They try to hold onto leads too early in games, and they allow the opposition to stay in the game, despite dominating statistically.  They need to run their offense with some confidence.


Ohio State Buckeyes- Are they poised to fool us again?  A win this weekend goes a long way to the Buckeyes getting to the Rose Bowl.  Is it possible that they could take on USC?  I’ve repeated my thoughts since the first meeting.  Start Terrell Pryor!  If Todd Boeckman led the Buckeyes to victory for every game the remainder of the season, everyone would look at The Ohio State University as a fraud.  They can’t beat the big boys.  They don’t have the speed.  They lose every big non-conference game they play.  Good points.  However, with Pryor at the helm, aren’t they better?  Aren’t they different?  Aren’t they more dynamic?  Plus, add Beanie Wells (DNP vs. USC) to the mix, and the Buckeyes are a much better team than they were in early September.  Right?  I’d like to believe it, but I don’t even know if there’s a saying that finishes this line- “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me a third time,…….”


USC Trojans- The win (69-0 vs. Washington State) doesn’t really impress me.  Why do the Trojans continue to get more credit from the voters?  Their conference sucks, their LOSS sucks, and name another BCS Conference where the top team would be favored by 43.5 points over the bottom team.  Mississippi State could light up a scoreboard with the Cougars!  Auburn would even put 30 on them.  Bottom Line- the best team in the country wouldn’t lose to Oregon State!


Ole Miss Rebels- It’s getting really hard to continue to back this kid with the fumbles that continue to occur!  Houston Nutt- tell Dexter to carry a football to class.  Ole Miss has 18 turnovers on the season.


Penn State Nittany Lions– So far, they’ve proven that they are the real deal.  This week will clinch it if the Nittany Lions can win.


Texas Longhorns- Last two games, 57-67, 614 yards, 3 passing TD’s, 2 rushing TD’s.  He’s undoubtedly the leader for the Heisman.


SEC- In the preseason, I predicted that the SEC would have at least nineteen different starting quarterbacks this season.  Saturday accounted for numbers 18 and 19.  Here’s the breakdown: South Carolina (Beecher, Smelley, Garcia), Vandy (Nickson, Adams), Auburn (Burns, Todd), LSU (Hatch, Lee), Miss State (Carroll, Lee), Tennessee (Crompton, Stephens), Alabama (Wilson), Arkansas (Dick), Florida (Tebow), Georgia (Stafford), Ole Miss (Snead), Kentucky (Hartline).  Auburn could get the total up to 20 if Barrett Trotter was to get a future start.


NFL Thoughts:


Dallas Cowboys– Wade Phillips won’t be fired yet, but his seat is warming up.  Jerry feels responsible for making the call on Brad Johnson getting the start.  He’ll let Phillips off the hook for now.


Dallas Cowboys– People need to pipe down regarding the Chargers baby blues.  They’re nice and all, but when the Cowboys trot out with the navy, there’s no better uniform in football.  Because they wear them so rarely, it’s truly a treat to see them on a Sunday.  Thank you St. Louis Rams.  It’s the reason I am a Cowboys fan and was a huge fan growing up.  The St. Louis Cardinals always made the Cowboys wear the navy and the Cardinals always lost.  It was easy to root for the Cowboys- Bill Bidwill didn’t own them!


Arizona Cardinals– Behind the Cowboys, arguably have the second best helmet in football.


Cleveland Browns– Kellen Winslow just needs to shut up his warrior ass!


New York Jets– It’s official.  Brett Favre is an absolute baby.  Grow up Brett.  By the way, it was news again last week- Brett’s not sure he’ll be back next year.  JUST GO AWAY!


San Francisco 49ers– Mike Nolan became the 3rd head coach to be fired midseason.  There’s a chance that up to 13 coaches will be gone by week one next season.  Make an argument for keeping the coaches at these spots- Detroit, Minnesota, San Diego, Houston, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Kansas City, San Francisco, St. Louis, Oakland, Denver, Dallas, and Philadelphia.  That’s not even including Mike Holmgren who’s stepping aside after this season.  Make that 14 coaches, or almost half of the league.


Other Thoughts:


Memphis Tigers– Memphis Madness has turned into one of my favorite events of the year.  Friday night’s raising of the banner was a great moment.  Last year’s video tribute was certainly a chilling scene for any Tigers fan.  Derrick Rose was amazing!  Do you think Doneal Mack ran out into the frenzy of FedExForum and asked, “What was I thinking wanting to leave?”  It’s a great touch by John Calipari to let the freshmen get introduced first.  I’d guess that it’s pretty exciting for a young kid to be welcomed like that. 


Memphis Tigers– Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State football) is looking a lot like Coach Calipari these days.  He’s winning like him too.


If you google images of Coach Calipari, you find some great action shots of the coach.  Here are my favorites from the first page of the search.



Random Thoughts:


Frank TV– Do you know anyone who watches the show?  Is it really funny?

The Majestic Grille– Best Bloody Mary in town!


The Fish Scales:


– The only college football ranking system that actually puts all teams on an even playing field and rewards accomplishment.  This is the 11th year of the Fish Scales which will culminate with Fish Bowl XI at the end of the season. The Fish Scales will rank the teams based on accomplishment, will seed the teams 1-16 and will play a simulated playoff on XBOX 360.  It’s not necessarily the “best” 25 teams in the country, but the 25 teams that have had the best season.  The top 16 are rewarded with a playoff.  Following are the top three teams for the SEC, CUSA, and NFL Scales:

SEC- 1. Alabama  2. Georgia  3. Florida

CUSA- 1. Tulsa  2. Houston  3. UTEP

NFL- 1. Titans  2. Giants  3. Bills


To receive the SEC, CUSA, NFL, and top 25 Fish Scales, send an email to  You’ll be added to the mailing list and receive the Scales each week.

The Top 25 Fish Scales are released during the Sports Bar every Wednesday afternoon at 4:45pm

There’s plenty happening in the next few months in Tunica.  For a complete list of events and attractions in Tunica, Mississippi, click on the link below.  Get easy access to the casino’s, golf courses, and all other entertainment. 

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming up in Tunica:

October 16 – 28

World Poker Open

Gold Strike


October 24 – 25

Big Fun



October 25

The Four Tops

Gold Strike


October 27

Branson Brothers from the God and Country Theater in Branson (Celebrate Life) 800-346-7706



October 28 – 29

Uniquely Elvis Preliminaries(Celebrate Life) 800-346-7706



October 31 – November 1

Ricky Lynn Gregg



November 7

Anita Baker



November 8

Tracy Lawrence



November 8

Phil Vassar

Gold Strike


November 22

Clint Black

Sam’s Town


November 22

fights at the Fitz



November 26

Ingram Hill

Sam’s Town


December 13

Frank Caliendo

Sam’s Town


Although the scrambles are over for the year, keep up with Tunica National events all fall and winter long at  Plus, the weather is perfect to set up a tee time.  For more information, call 866-TEE-OFF1 or go online at  I’ll be out at the National through the rest of the month each Thursday from 3-6pm for the SportsBar.

Talk to y’all this week.


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