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October 14, 2008

Introduction to the Edmiston Hierarchy

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I find the whole argument about whether or not Texas deserves to be the number one team in the nation to be incredibly boring. Almost every poll-based argument is pointless. I suppose these things typically serve as fodder for sports radio types like me, but I just don’t care at this point who is number one. It’s not important, really, since both Texas and Alabama have brutal schedules to deal with from here on out. Texas has Missouri this weekend followed by Oklahoma State the week after, both at home. They still have to go to Texas Tech and Kansas, then play the Big 12 Championship game (assuming they get there). Alabama has to play LSU, Tennessee, and Auburn (I know UT and Auburn suck, but rivalry games are always tricky), then the SEC Championship Game. The odds that both teams end up undefeated are extremely long. So it’s pointless to worry about rankings now.

And as a bit of an aside, I’ll say it again – the college football coaches poll is the biggest waste of time in sports. There is no reason whatsoever to allow coaches to have a hand, however small, in determining bowl positions and BCS rankings through favoritism and ignorance. Coaches generally pay attention to two teams throughout the season: their team, and that week’s opponent. That’s it. They may be vaguely aware of events throughout college football, but they will not watch Ball State or New Mexico State any more than they would watch Hannah Montana (sorry, Fish). I would much rather entrust ratings to people like journalists and analysts whose job it is to watch and compare teams, since they do in fact actually WATCH the games.

So it comes down to the same issues it always does…how and if you reward undefeated teams in non-BCS conferences, how you deal with undefeated teams in weak BCS conferences, and how you deal with strong one-loss teams who have played brutal schedules. The raison d’etre of the BCS. The part that drives people like me crazy. To me, if you have watched the games, there can be no doubt that a one-loss Big 12 or SEC team should get consideration over an undefeated Big 10 team (sorry, Penn State) in a hypothetical BCS title game situation. The SEC and the Big 12 are head, shoulders, chests, waists, legs, and feet above every other conference in the country. Teams that emerge from those conferences beaten only once have earned their stripes more than a team like Penn State who would have had to beat only Wisconsin and Ohio State. And we’ve certainly seen over the last two years what happens to a Big 10 team against the cream of the SEC crop. There’s no reason to think it wouldn’t happen again. USC is immensely talented, but the Pac 10 is just terrible…and losing to Oregon State is a huge black mark on your resume.

Long story short…here’s a quick rundown of the Edmiston Hierarchy (EH) that should be used to determine which teams should play for the national title this season (the hierarchy would change from season to season based on conference strength):

1. Undefeated SEC or Big 12 champion
2. One-loss SEC or Big 12 champion (assuming the loss is in conference)
3. One-loss SEC or Big 12 non-champion (assuming loss is in conf. championship game)
4. USC (only because of their talent and because they play well in big games)
5. Undefeated Big 10 (or any other BCS conference) team
6. Two-loss SEC or Big 12 team
7. Undefeated non-BCS team
8. One-loss Big 10 (or other BCS conference team)
9. Everyone else
10. Tennessee until Fulmer is gone

If you use the EH system, you’ll get a quality championship game with deserving participants. Guaranteed!


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