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October 7, 2008

Friday Night Fun

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Let’s be honest, nobody is jumping through hoops to see the Memphis Tigers Football team play Rice or Nicholls State or Arkansas State, etc. But this Friday we get to take a trip down memory lane as the Tigers face one of their most hated rivals of all-time, the Louisville Cardinals.

I understand things are different now that the Cardinals are in the Big East and the Tigers are stuck in Conference USA, but this one should be fun never the less. There is so much built up hostility towards Louisville that it sometimes brings out the worst in fans, but for the most part, it showcases the best in fans. It’s the team Tigers fans want to beat. It’s decades of history. For goodness sakes, it’s relevant.

Friday night is High School Football and that means many fans who would normally attend the game may be busy watching their kids, and that is much more important. However, even if you’re not the biggest Tigers Football fan, and are counting down the days to hoop season, this is one you need to get out to and support.

The University is calling for a Blue-Out. Yes, they want their fans to wear blue for the nationally televised game. It sure will look funny if there are a tremendous amount of empty seats posing as fans. So help out the Program and the University by putting your best foot forward. Let the nation know that despite concerns over an OCS, A BCS Conference, or any other letter combination you can think of, that there’s pride in the Tigers and their Football Program.

Folks, it’s Louisville!…..I don’t think I have to remind you what that means to Memphis Tigers’ Fans.


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