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October 5, 2008

Damn the Cubs!

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So when it became official that the Cubs were playing the Dodgers in the playoffs I decided it would be cool to go to LA for games three and four to hopefully see them clinch the series. Well, here I sit in LA after watching another disappointing performance and wondering how long it will take to get my money back for those game four tickets.

This is why being a Cubs fan sucks. You know they never win, but then they put together a great season and make you think that this year could actually be there year, only to be proven wrong once again. I had a good time at Dodger Stadium despite the abuse I took from the Dodger fans. A few things stuck out to me about the game:.

1. Getting to and from Dodger Stadium is a nightmare! It takes forever to get to and from the game. Now I know why Dodger fans always get to the game in the third inning and leave in the seventh. It’s the only way wo avod traffic.

2. Getting a beer was a 20-25 minute process. They had one person behind the stand to check ID’s, pour the beer, and take the money. It was ridiculous.

3. The response to Manny Ramirez from the fans is crazy. He has quickly become the most beloved player on that team. The Dodgers have no choice, but to bring him back or the fans may revolt.

4. If you do ever go to a game in LA, I will recommend the right field pavilion area. It is an all you can eat section. We got as many hot dogs, nachos, peanuts etc. as we wanted for free. The only thing that isn’t free is the beer. It’s a great idea and the tickets don’t cost much more.

Anyhow, time to make my way back from LA and start thinking ahead to next year all over again.


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