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September 30, 2008

This & That

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What a crazy weekend it was in the world of sports. From College Football to the NFL to the MLB Pennant races there were surprises galore. The SEC was also shaken up a bit, so with that said, let me try to give you a little perspective. In addition to the SEC, I’ll provide you with a little insight on the MLB playoffs. So kick back and enjoy…

SEC Rankings (Through 5 weeks)

1) Alabama (A year ahead of schedule)
2) LSU (All Les Miles does is win Football games, and National Titles)
3) Vanderbilt (Football Brainiacs rising to the top)
4) Florida (No more screw-ups Urban)
5) Georgia (I know their very good, but something’s missing)
6) Kentucky (More respec when they beat someone of note)
7) Auburn (Great “D” coupled with anemic “O”)
8) Ole Miss (Much higher if they didn’t gift wrap one to Dores)
9) South Carolina (Nation’s Top Defense…isn’t Spurrier Offensive Guru?)
10) Tennessee (8 wins or the Dean may be out on the Hill)
11) Mississippi State (Savor 207 season)
12) Arkansas (Wait until 09, 10, 11….)

Predictions for MLB Playoffs

N.L. Divisional Series Cubs 3-0 over Dodgers, Phillies 3-1 over Brewers
A.L. Divisional Series Angels 3-2 over Red Sox, Rays 3-1 over Twins or White Sox (One game playoff happening as I write this)

NLCS Phillies 4-2 over Cubs
ALCS Rays 4-3 over Angels



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