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September 30, 2008

SEC Weekend Report Card

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Thoughts I’ve had while recovering from hernia surgery…

–What a win for Ole Miss. After losing one they thought they should win against Vanderbilt, they picked up a win when NO ONE thought they would. After scoring 30 points only once under Ed Orgeron (in a 38-31 win over Northwestern State last year), they’ve scored 30 in 3 of their games already this year…Guess they made a good move firing him. They now have South Carolina, Alabama, and Arkansas coming up…they should win 2 out of those 3. And I wouldn’t be stunned if they beat Alabama.

–Florida looks pedestrian on offense. What happened to the Tim Tebow of last year? Where is the dominance? Is Tebow fated to have an A Rod-like career with lots of stats and not winning anything?

–The Tennessee-Auburn game set offense back 10 years. Both changed OCs at the end of last season, and both are struggling. Jonathan Crompton has been especially bad, and I’m not really sure why. And he has to be running low on confidence. After Northern Illinois, Tennessee has Georgia and Alabama coming up–he better get it turned around quickly. As for Auburn, it’s not necessarily that they are running the wrong offense, they just don’t have the right guy to QB it. Chris Todd can throw (although he didn’t on Saturday) and can’t run, and Kodi Burns can run and can’t throw. They need a guy who can do both. By the way, this weekend’s game with Vanderbilt should be really interesting. If by interesting you mean a repeat of the Auburn-Mississippi State game.

–Okay, on to Alabama. I didn’t expect much coming into this season, because I knew the Tide were paper thin pretty much everywhere. Great starters, but once you got past them, it would be tough. After the throttling of Georgia on Saturday, and the best first half I’ve seen them play–ever–I have to say that barring injury, this team is going to compete for a national title. It’s very similar to LSU’s 2003 National Championship team–great on the lines, with a very good defense, a stable of running backs, and a senior quarterback who doesn’t make too many mistakes, but also doesn’t wow you. Alabama has more losable games on the schedule–Ole Miss, at Tennessee, at LSU, and Auburn–but if they play the way they did Saturday, it will be very difficult to beat them. And the freshmen are growing up fast–Julio Jones was spectacular Saturday night. Check out the picture above–it pretty much sums up Georgia’s evening. On to a tough game with Kentucky this weekend.


Alabama: A+ As impressive a performance as I’ve seen in college football this year.

Arkansas: F Hey, only Auburn and Florida to go in murderer’s row!

Auburn: B- Their defense is great, but they need to show me something on the other side of the ball.

Florida: D- Should probably be an F. Shouldn’t lose to Ole Miss at home.

Georgia: C- Some credit for battling at the end, but this game was over at halftime. They were stomped by the proverbial “hobnail boot.”

Kentucky: B+ Took care of a lesser opponent. We’ll really find out what they’re all about this week.

LSU: C Looked thoroughly unimpressive against a bad football team.

Mississippi State: B- Still lost, but at least didn’t get blown out. Has it come to that?

Ole Miss: A+ Could have very easily folded after going down 17-7, but Houston Nutt teams never fold.

South Carolina: C+ They are much better than UAB, and should have beaten them by more, but they needed a win.

Tennessee: C- Whither the offense?

Vanderbilt: Incomplete Didn’t play this week. But a huge (and winnable) game at home against Auburn this week.


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