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August 14, 2008

5th and 1

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With the anxiety of the pending football season looming over my head, I really can’t focus on too much going on in the world of sports. I mean seriously, this time of year is awesome. NCAA football came out about two weeks ago (it’s stellar), Madden has just been released (it’s incredible), and the NFL is soon to come.

It’s like a domino pattern every year. Sure as the seasons change, these three things always fall in line, one building more hype for the next.

So with the football season coming, let me just say that I except my Philadelphia Eagles to make a push. Last year was a joke as far as I was concerned. Losing to Green Bay because of poor, wait, pitiful special teams was bad enough, then we get picked apart by Jason Campbell?! Only to have McNabb throw an incomplete pass to LJ Smith on the one?! Heartbreaking!

But this year will be different. The Giants of New Jersey (they have no offices nor stadium in New York. At least the Jets have management there) have had some issues already with their best wide receiver, and one of the best in the game, Plaxico Burress and have traded away Shockey. Losing Jeremy shouldn’t be a big deal considering Boss played pretty nasty in the Super Bowl.

The Skins have always been decent but I think they set themselves back a bit in the trade to get Taylor. I personally believe the d-end is a bit too past his prime to make a major impact, and didn’t they give up some decent picks to get him? With the talent coming out of college this year, what’s one more year Washington?

To be fair, Campbell played well for them last year and he still has Moss and Chris Cooley to pass to in a tight situation. Their offense should be potent, but not enough to make play-offs again.

As for the Cowboys, they appear to have everything. Their wide outs are all nasty, as is their defense, though the line is nothing compared to the Giants’.

My main thing with the criminals athletes for the Cowboys is that there are too many head cases. T.O. is liable to explode at any moment, and who knows when PacMan Jones might relapse? I don’t know if Romo will be able to keep whoever his current star crush is out of his mind long enough to keep it together in Dallas.

Which brings me to why I think the Eagles will make a push. (Note: push, not win the Super Bowl) They have speed, and lots of it. DeSean Jackson was a great pick up, as was Laws. Their linebacking core is young, and fierce. Bradley will be anchoring the middle this year, allowing Mr. Omar Gaither to the outside, his natural position. And who thinks they might have a top three group of corners in Lito, Brown, and Samuel? Not to mention there’s still Brian Dawkins looming at the safety position. Even if he lost a step he can still fire those boys up.

On offense there’s McNabb who, if healthy, is arguably one of the best QB’s in the game. Jackson should be making an impact early, which will hopefully open up some room for Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis. The wide receivers are for sure a weak point.

But if they are the worst part of the team, the best has to be in the backfield. Brian Westbrook, without a question, is the best running back in the game. L.T. hasn’t been known to receive exceptionally well, and A.P. is still young, needs to be patient, and pick up his blocking. Not to mention the Eagles acquired Lorenzo Booker, a B.West protege, from Miami to lighten the load.

That being said, it all depends on whether or not that powder keg goes off in Texas…


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