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August 7, 2008

Random Thoughts

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–Brett Favre was traded to the New York Jets last night, meaning ESPN can go back to focusing on the Red Sox and Yankees. I can’t remember an athlete that I liked that did so much to make me hate them in a matter of two weeks. I hope he goes to the Jets and throws 35 INTs this year and Chad Pennington lights it up for the Vikings. Judging by Favre pre-last season, the 35 picks isn’t all that out of the question.

–I think the Olympics are going to be a huge disaster. And I also hate how the USOC is up Beijing’s butt. It’s sad that because we owe the Chinese $565.1 billion dollars our representatives can’t tell the truth–the Beijing is a smog-ridden city within an oppressive country that the Olympics should never have been held in in the first place…Much less attended by our country. If we’re so interested in making a stand against oppressive regimes, then why the hell are we participating in these Olympics?

–I am a huge fan of the USA Network. It’s amazing that a network that used to have Up All Night, which was basically soft-core porn without the porn, and Silk Stalkings is now the highest rated cable network on TV, but so be it. The USA network airs original episodes of five (five!) of my favorite shows on television at the moment: Psych, Monk, Burn Notice, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and In Plain Sight. My favorite show, Psych, features a young lady that’s quickly moving up my list, Maggie Lawson.
Maggie Lawson
Very, very underrated. And thus far criminally underused this season in the show as far as I’m concerned. She needs as much screen time as possible.

–I ate dinner at Cafe 61 last Friday night. I love Cafe 61. It is my favorite restaurant. I am notoriously picky with my food, and once I decide on something, I never, ever get anything different. At Cafe 61, I could eat anything on the menu. Check out their website and their menu, and go. You’ll thank me later. I promise.

–So I just found out that handicapper Wayne Allyn Root is also the Libertarian nominee for Vice President. What?! Did that just beat out Perot-Rainman ’08? No offense to Wayne Allyn Root, I’m sure he’s a great guy…but Vice President? Really?


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