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July 30, 2008

5th and 1

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Crazy new story from the Olympics. Apparently the BBC is well aware that a majority of the people who will be viewing the festivities will be doing so in order to witness total chaos.

I mean, let’s be serious for a moment. The only reason the Olympics are getting any notice whatsoever are because major sports media powerhouses, such as ESPN and Sports Illustrated, believe the games will be noteworthy.

However, I honestly believe that the hype is like wind picking up loose pieces of sand as it goes by. Ask yourself if you really do care about anything other than Michael Phelps potentially getting eight medals.

Anywho, the BBC, who doesn’t have a sports deity up for anything has recently hired rock/rap/reggae/whatever band, Gorillaz, to produce a video promoting the Olympics. For those of you not familiar with the band, their first big hit was a little number called “Clint Eastwood” which was pretty good. From here, they published another Billboard topper with “Feel Good, Inc.” Since the latter, they’ve really done nothing except the following:

There are three things I find very bizarre about this video, and I’ll take the time to list them:

1.) Doesn’t it look like a joke on the BBC? It looks like the members of Gorillaz took a bunch of hallucinogenic drugs and threw this together. The sky appeared to be the limit when they finally said to one another, “Okay guys, no way the BBC will honestly give this a go, but we’ve smoked all the money up, so who cares?” Little did they know how audacious and desperate Britain was for, well, anything.

2.) That freaky freaking fish/dragon thing that pops from the water. I think that’s enough said.

3.) The fact that the BBC, which remember, approved of this bizarre ‘advertisement’, has said, “It’s a little bit different and hopefully it’ll capture the essence of what we think the Olympics is all about, and maybe wake a few people up. For younger viewers not instantly attracted to the Olympics, they might think twice about it.”

Oh, yea we get it. Younger viewers! Too bad Gorillaz hasn’t had a hit song in about two years. Was Robin Williams not available?

These are the three things I find wrong with it, but just to rise the bar more the Chinese have apparently decided they want to remain distinct and provide an even more off the wall mascot.

Ladies and gentlemen, I leave you with the official 2008 Beijing Olympic mascots:



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