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July 29, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings

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Thoughts I’ve had while waiting for Phil Fulmer to find his subpoena.

Alabama and Tennessee have a great football rivalry, there’s no question about it, but the Bama fans have to let this whole thing go. In case you don’t know what I’m referring to, an attorney greeted Fulmer at SEC Media Days in Birmingham with a subpoena calling for his testimony in the lawsuit of former Tide booster Wendell Smith against the NCAA. This case is over a decade old, when will it end? Even if Fulmer’s testimony is indeed pertinent, then he should have been served the subpoena elsewhere at a different time, to ambush him like this right before he goes in to talk to over 800 media members, AND to supply the media with copies of the subpoena, was totally classless, but I guess it’s what should be expected in this situation. I just wish more attention would be paid to the on-field rivalry between these two schools instead of these old off-field issues that will seemingly never go away.

Speaking of SEC media days, the media did not make Tim Tebow a unanimous selection for first team all-conference, following the lead of the coaches from the week prior. How can the guy who was voted the best player in the country last year, not be a unanimous choice for best QB in the conference this year?

I did not go to SEC Media Days for the first time in four years this year and I have to say I missed it a little. While I didn’t miss the circus atmosphere, I did miss the chance to talk with the coaches and players about the upcoming season, and the chance to catch up with fellow media members that you get to see there every year. Sports 56 had wall to wall coverage from Birmingham as Brett Norsworthy, George Lapides, Greg Gaston, Will Askew, Rob Fischer and Keith Parker did a wonderful job down there.

I didn’t go because I played Thursday in the 8th annual Bob Wolcott and Friends golf tournament at Tunica National. It is a great tournament that raises money for the Gulf States Golf Foundation and other charities. The day includes a great time on the golf course and a terrific reception afterwards. You definitely should make plans to be a part of it next year.

I am happy for Jerrell Powe that his long quest to become eligible to play for Ole Miss is finally done and he can play football. If Powe is as good as expected, the Rebels have a heck of a defensive front when you add him to Peria Jerry, Greg Hardy and Marcus Tillman. In my opinion, this marks the completion of a perfect off season for Ole Miss. Think about what has happened: 1. Coach O is gone and replaced by Houston Nutt. 2. Michael Oher decided to come back for his senior year. 3. Jevan Sneed becomes eligible to play and replaces Brent Schaeffer 4. Powe is cleared to play and 5. Eli Manning won the Super Bowl. Could an Ole Miss fan possibly ask for anything more?

Greg Cote of the Miami Herald wrote that Jason Taylor is the second best Dolphin of all time only behind Dan Marino. Can that be true?

We are seeing an interesting little trend of NBA players leaving the league to head oversees. Josh Childress is the biggest name to head for Europe so far, but others have followed, and even others, like Ben Gordon, may still opt for the European money. As these European teams continue to offer up more and more money-tax free money mind you-we’ll have to see if other players, maybe even some star players, start bolting across the pond.

How about Jeff Samardzija? The former Notre Dame all-american wide receiver got the call up from the Cubs last week and looked pretty good. He’s throwing consistently in the 90s and even hitting 97 at times and has great movement on his fastball. He’s in the majors quicker than I would have thought, but he certainly has the stuff to stick if he can throw strikes consistently. When he throws strikes with his off-speed pitches, he’s very tough to hit.

The reason the Cubs called Samardzija up is that Kerry Wood is on the DL with a blister on his pitching hand. Listen, I’m no doctor, but I’ve had blisters before and they have never taken 2 or 3 weeks to heal. I don’t get it, but apparently Josh Beckett had this problem a couple years back too so I guess it happens.

MTR agrees with “Sunday on the Couch” about the Paula Deen buffet at Harrah’s Tunica. I have been there four times now and it’s been amazing every time. The fried chicken is the best I’ve ever had. Every time I go I discover a great new dish that I haven’t had yet and this time it was the cheesy meatloaf. Oh my, is that some good stuff!

If you want a good chance to laugh at idiotic drunk people, check out “Ocean Force” on TruTV. It’s amazing to see how dumb people can be when they are hammered.

I’m heading to Chicago this weekend and will be going to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs and Pirates Saturday and Sunday. I cannot wait to get there. I haven’t been in about three years which is way to long to be away from Wrigley. We’ll be sitting in the bleachers for Saturday’s game, the best place in the world for a sporting event.

That’s it for this week. Have a good one.


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