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July 26, 2008


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Okay, SO it’s Saturday morning but I’ve STILL got some jet lag from my mission trip to Kenya and my sleeping pattern is a bit off. I’ll let yall know how that went later (b/c it really did change my outlook on life) but first of all I’ll toss out some random Birdfeed which I KNOW y’all have been craving.

Brett Favre – I’m honestly SICK of hearing about his “retire-unretire” game, but I need to vent, so please let me for just a minute. I HOPE he gets traded to some team, preferably the Vikings or Jets. The Jets so he can possibly toil in Mediocrity while spending a season in the wasteland that is North Jersey, but really I think it would be fitting if he goes to Minnesota. Sure, they’re really only a solid QB away from contending for the NFC crown (I’m not sold on Tarvaris Jackson yet, but the real reason is just so these Packer Fans have to Eat some crow. I applaud the Green Bay faithful b/c they are some of the most loyal fans in the League; but they have lauded Brett as this perfect model citizen for YEARS, someone who embodies what is great about the NFL and QBs. In reality, Favre is one of the greatest QBs, but in the past five years he has not been the Super Bowl Champion caliber player he used to be. Note two Playoff Games (the 2003 NFC Divisional Playoffs @ Philly, 2008 NFC Title game vs. The Giants) where he threw terrible passes in sudden death Overtime to set up the other teams’ game-winning field goals. Go back and look at the plays if you must. Then consider the other FACTor: He has repeatedly drug Green Bay through the mud the past three off-seasons with this “question of retirement.” HELLO Packer Fans. HELLO Packer organization. I know he might be considered the best option at QB, but at some point somebody has to put their foot down (ideally the Packer Front office) and just say “Brett, we appreciate what you’ve done, but it’s better if we both move on. If you wish to consider returning best of luck, but it won’t be in Green Bay.”

Okay, many of you may be thinking, “King, WHAT are you thinking? Brett’s the best QB who could play in Green Bay next year.” Well, you’re right from a talent standpoint, because Aaron Rodgers is unproven (all things considered) and Brian Brohm is a rookie. Still, here is my reason why Green Bay should have said long ago, “Brett, we appreciate what you’ve done, but it’s better if we both move on. If you wish to consider returning best of luck, but it won’t be in Green Bay”: Team Chemistry. By even keeping his rights to trade, the Packer front office is allowing this situation to drag on and it is undermining its current QB situation. Brett will not be playing for the Pack in 2008. As long as the Green Bay brass keeps his rights, it is allowing this situation to fester and ruin Rodgers’ chance to mesh with a his teammates and assert himself as the leader. This situation will not die until Favre literally breaks a leg (and arm) and can’t move, or until he is traded. And even with the Vikings and Bears having shaky QB situations and Detroit having a questionable (this is the most generous statement of the year) secondary, ONE of those teams WILL win the NFC North in 2008. My pick right now is the Vikings. And when it happens that the Pack don’t win the division, the Packers really only have themselves to blame….oh, and their supposed “Model Superhero” Favre.

Mississippi State – I really like Sly Croom, but I just can’t see them going to a Bowl game this year. Bulldogs fans, please dont think that I am rooting against your team b/c really i would like to see y’all improve. Still, I’m not too sold on Wesley Carroll and their offense, aside from RB Anthony Dixon. They have a solid D, but I dont foresee too may 7-0 or 10-3 victories. Hopefully I”m wrong, but I doubt it.

Baseball – How disappointing have the Phillies been lately? The Fadin’ Phils are really struggling. They don’t really have a pitcher right now who can win 1-0 or 3-2, and their O has just fallen flat. Oh and Brad Lidge looked horrendous last night, giving up 5 runs (including a Brian McCann Grand Slam) in the 9th inning of the 8-2 loss to Atlanta…oh and he recorded ZERO outs. This team looks sluggish, like they have no expectations.


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