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July 3, 2008

Food, Wonderful Food.

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Will’s Top 5 Dishes in Memphis: I’ve been toying with writing this for a while, because I love to eat. After much thought and consideration, these are my favorite things to eat at various restaurants in Memphis. I think it merits mentioning that I by no means have eaten at all of the restaurants in Memphis, and am more than open to readers’ suggestions about other dishes that I need to eat.

5. Huey’s Cheese Fries: Steak fries covered in melted cheese and bacon, with green onions on top (although I prefer no onions), with two sides of ranch. Will literally stop your heart or make you feel like you’ve gained 100 pounds just by eating them, but I will never take a trip to Huey’s again without getting these. Just absolutely amazing.

4. Crawfish Mac and Cheese from Cafe 61: Cafe 61 is one of the most underappreciated restaurants in the city of Memphis. It’s located on Second St. right across from the Peabody, and it is delicious. And the best thing on the menu is a side, the Crawfish mac and cheese. Thank you, Chef Derk Meitzler, for combining two of my favorite things in one dish.

3. The Hawaiian Ribeye at Houston’s: I don’t know what it’s marinated in, although I think it is some form of pineapple and something else. Whatever it is, it’s the best steak in Memphis not cooked by my father on his grill.

2. New Orleans Pasta at the Half Shell: Bowtie pasta with cajun cream sauce, with red peppers, crawfish, Andouille sausage, broccoli, and Cajun chicken with a roll on the side. Simply amazing. My favorite pasta. Ever. And I love pasta.

1. The Seafood Crepe at Cafe 1912: This one went down to the wire. Cafe 1912 is on Cooper at Peabody. Now I admit a bias on this, because one of my best friends is a waitress there. The seafood crepe is a French crepe with scallops and shrimp inside, with cream sauce. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I like French and Cajun food. And this is the best. Heavy enough and rich enough to fill you up, yet light enough to be healthy. Tremendous.

–As I sit here writing this, the Cobra has walked in. Cobra, for religious reasons, could not eat a single dish on my list, unless he got the Huey’s cheese fries without bacon. Bacon is essential. So here are Cobra’s Top 5 Non-Meat Dishes in Memphis:

5. Tilapia at Cafe Toscana

4. Salmon at Irling Jensen’s

3. Salmon Pasta with Grilled vegetables (not the actual name) at Ronnie Grisanti’s

2. Salmon at Ruth’s Chris (the man apparently likes salmon)

1. Cheese Pizza with onions at Pete and Sam’s

So there you go.

Not wanting to be left out, Peter Edmiston has decided to check in with his list. Now, Peter is a bit of a Buffalo chicken lover…in fact, he could eat it every meal and I wouldn’t be surprised. But he surprised me a bit with this list.

Peter’s Top 5 Dishes in Memphis (or thereabouts):

5. Muay Thai Beef at Thai Bistro: “Newish restaurant in the Dirty Dova doing some nice things. Got to be the most flavorful beef you’ll ever eat.” Not to be confused with Muay Thai kickboxing.

4. Filet Mignon at Napa Cafe: “Except for this beef. This beef is incredibly well cooked, and if you haven’t taken your wife or girlfriend to the wine cellar, shame on you. Action will follow.”

3. Jambalaya Pasta at Pearl’s Oyster House: “There are so many different flavors in this dish it’s mind-blowing. But they all work together beautifully. Don’t plan on eating anything the day after. It’s rich. Really rich.”

2. Big John Burger at Big John’s Shake Shack in Marion, Arkansas (!!!!!!!???): “I don’t think Will expected anything from Marion. This is the best burger in the Mid-South, bar none. This place does so much business, they can close at 7 every night. It’s like…just incredible. Crazy good.”

1. Lamb Meatballs/Garlic Naan at Bombay House: “I could eat a million of these things. The tomato and butter sauce the meatballs are served in is extraordinarily flavorful…but the trick is to take the garlic naan (amazing Indian flat bread) and sop it in the sauce after you eat the meatballs. Just a beautiful dream.”

We’re still waiting on the rest of the Sports 56 staff’s list, although I’m sure Mr. B’s, Mortimer’s, and Itta Bena will be prominently featured. And Corky’s.

–Please, you people (as Jerry West would say), be safe this holiday weekend. Don’t boat or drive drunk.


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