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July 2, 2008

Give me a break Brett!

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So by now you have likely heard the rumblings that Brett Favre may want back in the NFL. I should not be surprised by this move having been repeatedly ridiculed by my radio partner Eli Savoie for actually believing Favre was truely serious about ending his career. Now comes word that upon the urging of family members he has an “itch” to play again.

Call me simple for actually believing someone’s word, but this is pathetic. I know everyone has the right to change their mind, but this news can end up being a real bad thing. Think about Favre’s successor Aaron Rodgers who is ready to step in and show the Green Bay Packers that he is quite capable of leading the team. Think of his kids who get Daddy back full time, only to discover dad’s got better things to do. (Let’s remember this is not something he’s doing for the money).

My stance has always been once you retire, you stay retired. Now the meaning of the word has become diluted. Athletes today almost feel a need to retire and return at least once. Reportedly Favre has spoken with Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy but not beyond the preliminary stage. A team spokesperson said the Packers would be reluctant to open the door for Favre because he retired for the right reasons. They also probably feel his return could rock the boat, and who knows what it would do to retard the growth of Rodgers. In addition, Favre’s agent says as far as he is concerned the future hall of famer is retired, unless he hears differently.

The bottom line is I like all that Favre stands for……..He’s dedicated to his craft, he’s a team player with a capital “T”, and he’s a very good family man. Now it’s time for the legend to conclude. A return may look good on the surface, but likely will prove to be a mistake. Remember Michael Jordan’s return?


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