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June 30, 2008

5th and 1

Filed under: Uncategorized — Andy Skrzat @ 12:48 pm

Could we please stop talking about Chad Johnson? I’m sitting here right now listening ‘Ocho Cinco’ proclaim that he loves Cincinnati and its fans. He goes on to say that it is perfect, but is tired about hearing coach Marvin Lewis give the “same speech every year about how we’re going to get to the big dance.”

Chad is a great player. He’s incredible. His 343 first down catches top even Holt.

The problem is, he’s mentally challenged. Chad can’t seem to figure out his own story, much less the business that is professional sports, which make it even more painful to listen to him run his mouth.

What happened to the glory days when athletes took care of this type of business behind closed doors? I know that players back to Ruth would complain about their contracts, but it was done with class.

Maybe the problem isn’t the players, but their agents who want to be in the spotlight. Johnson, like many other loud-mouthed athletes, are represented by none other than Drew Rosenhaus. Could their be a bigger waste of flesh out there? The man has done nothing but stir up controversy.

Some people just need to be shut up. Where does this cycle of inflated egos begin? Is it the athlete’s fault? If so, is it because of their up-bringing or because of the fans?

Or is it really the agent’s doing this behind the scenes? Maybe they’re so insecure because they never had the talent to play in any of the major leagues, this is the only way they figure they can get into the limelight.

Either way, this is getting ridiculous. Something needs to break, and hopefully it’s the jaw bone of every athlete who doesn’t appreciate what he or she has. There are plenty of people who would love a tenth of that 3 million dollar/year contract.

Shut up and play.

Congrats to Fresno State.


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