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June 26, 2008

Will’s Mock Draft, Final Version

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From what I’m hearing trade talks are definitely heating up between the Grizzlies and a number of teams (Charlotte, Miami, etc.) about trades. Hopefully, at least one of these will come to fruition and hopefully it will be one in which Michael Beasley ends up in Memphis. So here goes.

1. Chicago: Derrick Rose. The Bulls could screw everything by taking Michael Beasley, but they will go for Rose.

2. Miami: Michael Beasley. I strongly doubt that Miami will keep the pick, as I think they will find a trade partner somewhere, be it Memphis, Minnesota, or Seattle. If they pick Mayo, Riley is a moron.

3. Minnesota: OJ Mayo. If Kevin McHale picks anyone other than Mayo, he’s a moron.

4. Seattle: Brook Lopez. Lots of speculation about Russell Westbrook and Jerryd Bayless here, but I think they go with Lopez.

5. Memphis: Eric Gordon. For a long time, I have thought they would take Kevin Love, but I think they’ll go Gordon here, because they can address power forward later in the first round. Barring a trade, of course (crossing fingers).

6. NY Knicks: Russell Westbrook. The Knicks need someone to lead their revival, and I think they go with Westbrook.

7. LA Clippers: Jerryd Bayless. If Westbrook falls, they’ll take him, but I don’t think Bayless falls any farther.

8. Milwaukee: Joe Alexander. I love Joe Alexander. I think he’ll be awesome.

9. Charlotte: Kevin Love. Don’t think Love can slip any farther than this, but don’t rule out a deal involving the Grizz and Bobcats involving this pick.

10. NJ Nets: Danilo Gallinari. I would love to say something insightful here, but I have only seen highlight reels of the guy.

11. Indiana: Anthony Randolph. A huge risk…he has lots of Stro-tential. Now that they have TJ Ford, they need to replace Jermaine O’Neal.

12. Sacramento: Brandon Rush. In all likelihood, Ron Artest is gone, so they need a swing defender who can also hit shots. Rush fits the bill.

13. Portland: DJ Augustin. They need a point guard, and I think Augustin would be a great fit in Portland.

14. Golden State: Kosta Koufos. A big man who can run…sounds like a Don Nelson kind of guy. Don’t rule out Jason Thompson.

15. Phoenix: Darrell Arthur. Are trying to trade Boris Diaw…Arthur would be a nice replacement.

16. Philadelphia: Mareese Speights. Lots of Stro-tential here also. Philly is targeting a big man with their pick.

17. Indiana: Robin Lopez. I think they go even bigger with their second pick.

18. Washington: Mario Chalmers. Gives them a true point guard to put beside Gilbert Arenas (assuming they re-sign him).

19. Cleveland: DeAndre Jordan. Should have gone back to school, but can work with Zydrunas for a couple of years until he’s ready.

20. Charlotte: Donte Green. I have no idea from here on out.

21. NJ Nets: JaVale McGee. Very raw, but has great upside.

22. Orlando: Courtney Lee. Great workout with the Grizzlies…don’t be surprised if they try and trade up from 28 to get him.

23. Utah: Roy Hibbert. Big and slow, like Greg Ostertag. Jerry Sloan will love him.

24. Seattle: Nicolas Batum. Sure.

25. Houston: Alexis Ajinca. Jeff Weinberger’s favorite player goes to a place where he can learn to play under Yao and Dikembe.

26. San Antonio: Serge Ibaka. Mark my words…San Antonio will draft at least one player in this draft you have never heard of. He won’t play for a couple of years, and then he will come over and be awesome.

27. Portland: Chris Douglas-Roberts. He was this close to coming to Memphis.

28. Memphis: JJ Hickson. I would love this pick here…he would have been a lottery pick next year.

29. Detroit: Jason Thompson. Don’t know. Just guessing.

30. Boston: Nathan Jawai. Don’t need any immediate help, so they’ll store this guy abroad for a couple of years.

I hope tonight will be exciting. I’m guaranteeing that this will be at least 10% accurate.

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