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June 24, 2008

Sunday (and Monday) on the Couch (and Driving)!

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I had a weekend trip to see the family in St. Louis.  I have a few travel trips:

  • Gas is expensive! It really is amazing. I try not to even think about it, but it really is shocking. Unbelievable! Remember the days when………. I’m really starting to want a moped. I believe that they have become socially acceptable for everyone! The moped has come a long way.
  • The Mississippi River flooding is unbelievable. There is water everywhere from St. Louis through Arkansas.
  • 2 great things about St. Louis- White Castle’s and Slurpees on every corner. White Castle’s and Krystals don’t even compare. It’s a shame that I have to drive 3 hours (Nashville, TN, or Cape Girardeau, MO) to get a great midnight slider. The only thing that compares is a Dyer Burger. I don’t mean any disrespect to Alex’s Tavern, who has arguably the best burger in town, but sometimes you just want it to go down like soup. My favorite burgers:
  • 1. Alex’s Tavern
  • 2. Dyer Burger
  • 3. Tug’s
  • 4. Soul Burger
  • 5. Huey’s
  • That’s right! Krystals wouldn’t be top ten! White Castle’s- TOP 3! Can you imagine a White Castle’s around Beale Street, Mid-Town, Germantown Parkway, Mud Island? Wherever you want one, let’s get one.
  • I also love getting Slurpees in St. Louis. 7-11 is the best. Plus, the stale re-glazed doughnuts at midnight are amazing. These imitation icee’s in the Mid South don’t compare. HOWEVER, you can’t go wrong when you find a Slush Puppy Machine!  I was so excited when the Grizzlies stayed in a city that had 7-11’s, especially near the hotel!


  • Lambert’s Café in Sikeston is worth the drive on a weekend afternoon. It’s the home of the Throwed Roll and is advertised on billboards up and down highway 55. Despite its proximity to both St. Louis and Memphis, I had never gone until World Renowned Executive Chef at FedExForum, Mark the Chef, said I needed to try it last year. Now, it’s a must stop between the Loo and Memphis.


  • Truck Drivers are like NBA referees. No one likes them on the road! No one likes them despite the fact that they have the hardest job on the floor (or road). They can never win.

It’s great to hear that Eric McMahon is doing well and training for the upcoming season.  Fans of the Grizzlies and mascots around the NBA missed Grizz this past season.  Mascots around the league visited FedExForum throughout the season, and most shaved their heads in honor of Eric.  It was pretty neat to see while traveling around the league this year.  Most arenas ran spots during the game promoting buying a Friends of Grizz Wristband with proceeds benefiting St. Jude.  You can show your support for Grizz and patients in the fight against cancer by becoming a “Friend of Grizz” and supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Purchase a Friends of Grizz Awareness bracelet for only $3 and the proceeds will go to St. Jude.


It figures Dry Ribs liked Jeff Van Gundy during the NBA Playoffs.

When does the WNBA start?

How about that World Renowned Executive Chef at FedExForum, Mark The Chef, and his picks this year?  Chef went 13-2, including the final three series.  Will Askew was 12-3, with four series going the exact distance.  Coach Dave Joerger lost the picks with his last three series (0-3).  He finished 11-4.  Weinberger was 10-5 and I was the worst at 9-6.  This follows Mark The Chef’s NFL picks, in which he beat Wolo, Will, and Weinberger.  I got him by one game.  I think he has deserved a spot with our college picks this fall.  I smell Mark The Chef’s Tailgating Tips and Picks!

Is it just me, or is signing Marc Gasol just a little weird.  We have Gasol, but it’s a different Gasol.  This one is the Gasol who went to high school in Memphis.  Why shouldn’t we cheer him?  He played high school ball in Memphis!  It’s just another Memphis product in the NBA!  Heck, Cal might even take credit for him!  Plus, he’s on OUR team!  That should be exciting, right?  I hope he wears #61.  That would mean that he’s the opposite of Pau!  Wouldn’t that be a great player?  What if he’s a skilled big man that is everything we have wanted Pau to be?   What if he becomes more popular than Pau ever was in Memphis?  What if he’s clutch in the 4th quarter?  What if he’s tough?  What if he gets in a fight with Darko in camp?  He’d be amazing!  But what if he’s like Pau, but not as skilled offensively?  I guess that’s why it’s a little weird.  Won’t he always be compared to Pau?  

Anti Gasol-  Very Similar Gasol-

He sure looks like him.  It’s certainly going to be interesting.

Ryan Ludwick should be an All Star.  What an amazing season the former Redbird is having.  He’s 30 years old next month and is having a break out major league season.  He’s hitting .297 with 16 homeruns and 56rbi’s.  However, in the last seven games, he’s 4-23, with 2rbi’s.  Pujols has been out of the lineup.

Tony LaRussa should definitely be the leader for the National League Manager of the Year.  What LaRussa has done with this team is remarkable.  Many considered the Cardinals to be in a rebuilding mode.  Look at the success of the starting pitchers, the starting outfield (Seriously, Rick Ankiel?), and young guys coming through the system (Ryan, Molina, Schumaker).  I hope it lasts throughout the season, although they have to figure out what to do with the closer role before the all star break.  They MUST make a deal.  A playoff spot could be on the line!

Swingtown!  Wow!  Holy CBS!  I finally got caught up on my Swingtown fix.  They have the best storylines since Melrose Place

I watched Road Trip tonight.  I can’t believe I liked it.  Here are the two best references to sex in a movie, but using a third grade word for it.

            – Kyle (Road Trip)- “I boinked her!”

            – Cookie Fleck (Best in Show)- “How long has it been since he poked me?”

Courtesy of (Bodog,<, here are some interesting odds regarding Thursday’s NBA Draft:

Lottery Pick Odds
Who will be the #1 Pick in the Draft?
Derrick Rose                           -500
Michael Beasley                      +300

What will Miami do with the #2 pick in the NBA Draft?
Draft Michael Beasley and Keep him                                      1/3
Trade Pick or Draft Michael Beasley and Trade him                4/1
Draft O.J. Mayo                                                                       9/2
Draft Any Other Player                                                            3/1

Who will be the #3 pick in the NBA Draft?
O.J Mayo                   2/5
Brook Lopez              3/1
Kevin Love                 9/2
Jerryd Bayless            7/1
Other                         8/1

Who will be the #4 pick in the NBA Draft?
Jerryd Bayless             Even
Russell Westbrook       6/5
Brook Lopez                 3/1
Eric Gordon                  5/1
Other                            8/1

Who will be the #5 pick in the NBA Draft?
Kevin Love                  5/9
Eric Gordon                 3/2
Brook Lopez                5/1
Other                           4/1

First Round Bubble Odds
Will Bill Walker be drafted in the 1st Round?
Yes      -225
No       +150
DJ White?
Yes      +150
No       -200

NBA Offseason Trade Odds
Will Josh Howard be Traded?
Yes      +500
No       -1000
Jermaine O’Neal?
Yes      +600
No       -1200
Zach Randolph?
Yes      +400
No       -800
Kirk Hinrich?
Yes      -350
No       +275
Ben Gordon?
Yes      +150
No      -225
Richard Jefferson?
Yes      +500
No      -1000
T.J. Ford?
Yes      -350
No       +275

Weekly Dish

Sara Evans and Jay Barker!  BOOOO!! (ExtraTV)- Country singer Sara Evans got hitched to former University of Alabama quarterback Jay Barker on a farm in Franklin, Tenn., says People magazine. Barker met Evans through their minister, Joe Beam, who had counseled them after each was divorced last year.

PGA to miss Tiger? DUH! (Bloomberg)- In 2007, tournaments with Tiger Woods in the field averaged a 3.4 rating; tournaments without, a 1.7 rating.

Anchorman 2?– ( Speaking to the press, Will Ferrell confirmed San Diego’s leading news anchor is making a comeback. “Yeah, [there is] definite interest.” Ferrell says he has no idea whether the new movie will take place in the 1970s, but he reveals that although they have discussed several premises, it will probably be at least a year before they have the time to write it.

Borat 2?– ( Sacha Baron Cohen’s second film, which is again based on his Borat character, has a release date. Look for it in theaters May 15, 2009.

Hasselhoff buying a Castle? ( A simple Hollywood home just isn’t enough to contain the star power of The Hoff. In an interview with AOL, the “America’s Got Talent” judge spoke of his house hunting plans. “I’m looking to buy a castle,” David revealed. “I’ll call it the Hassel Castle …”

Moranis, Thomas revive ‘Bob & Doug’  (THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER)- Bob and Doug McKenzie, the beer-loving Canadian brothers created by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas back in 1980, are about to do again. The Fox network has joined Canada’s Global Television in developing a cartoon pilot, The Animated Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie, in which Moranis and Thomas will return to voice the characters.

Birthdays this past week: Roberto Duran (57), Phil Mickelson (38), Tupac Shakur (37- I was there!), Venus Williams (28), Joe Piscopo (57), Lou Brock (69), Moe Howard (111), John Goodman (56), Nicole Kidman (41), Jim Breuer (41), Pistol Pete (60), Clyde Drexler (46), Kurt Warner (37- the nicest professional athlete I have ever met), Cydi Lauper (55)

There’s plenty happening this week in Tunica.  For a complete list of events and attractions in Tunica, Mississippi, click on the link below.  Get easy access to the casino’s, golf courses, and all other entertainment.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming up in the next few weeks in Tunica:

June 27

The Temptations

Sam’s Town


June 27 – 28

Ricky Lynn Gregg



July 3

Independence Day Parade

Downtown Tunica


July 5

Al Green

Grand Casino


July 5

Gladys Knight

Grand Casino


July 5

Collin Ray

Gold Strike


July 5

Tunica Trade Days

Downtown Tunica


Don’t forget Mid-South Golfer the Radio show live in Tuinca this week at Tunica National Golf and Tennis Club from 3-4pm.  The Sports Bar follows from Tunica National from 4-6pm. 


Join us for the 3 Person Scramble Thursday at 5:15pm.  Just call 866-TEE-OFF1 for more information or go online at  See you there.  Plus, Tunica National is having a hole in one contest Thursday afternoon.  The rules are simple.  Sign up at Tunica National this week and they will conduct a drawing for a hole in one.  If anyone who is drawn hits an ace, they’ll win a condo on the property adjacent to the National.  Sign up now.  Call or go online for more details.

Talk to y’all this week.


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  1. You love taken your cheap-shots at Cal.Man you really despise the man dont you

    Comment by mike tramel — June 24, 2008 @ 3:59 pm

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