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June 24, 2008

Gaston Mock Draft (Tope 10 Selections)

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The NBA Draft takes place Thursday, and for what it’s worth, here are my predictions for the Top 10………

1) Chicago-Derrick Rose (They can’t pass on him despite Kirk Hinrich inked for 5 more years)

2) Miami-Michael Beasley (Rumors are swirling that Pat Riley would like to trade the pick for the right package. I’ll believe it when I see it)

3) Minnesota-O.J. Mayo (Early indication had the T-Wolves taking Brook Lopez, but there’s no way they pass up on the athletic Mayo)

4) Seattle-Jerryd Bayless (this one is tough. Russell Westbrook is the hot name but I think the Sonics can use a scoring guard

5) Memphis-Kevin Love (The Grizzlies could surprise cand trade, but I think when push comes to shove, they’ll go with the safe choice. Eric Gordon is rumored to be in the picture, but unless Mike Miller is dealt, I don’t see it.

6) New York-Russell Westbrook (The Knicks are known for doing some weird things…Renaldo Balkman? Look for them to pass up on Gordon and Danillo Gallinari and select the talented Mr. Westbrook)

7) L.A. Clippers-Eric Gordon (I think the Clips end up making a deal, however if they keep the pick, they’ll take sharpshooter Eric Gordon)

8) Milwaukee-Joe Alexander (The Bucks love this kid and his work ethic. He’s the pick as they will go American after a couple of foreign choices the past few years)

9) Charlotte-Brook Lopez (Michael Jordan and the Cats take the big guy from Stanford to play alongside the often injured but very talented Emeka Okafor)

10) New Jersey-Danilo Gallinari (The Nets will go Italian and take the best foreign player available in Gallinari. This kid will either be the next Nowitzki or an absolute bust)

There’s my thoughts, now tell me how you feel……Greg


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