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June 18, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings(a little late)

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Thoughts I’ve had while trying to figure out whether I can stomach another episode of “Nashville Star.”

The U.S. Olympic basketball team will be announced on Monday and according to my sources, Mike Miller of the Grizzlies will be named as an alternate for the team. Congratulations to Mike. Even though he won’t be part of the 12-man roster like he was last year, this is still a big honor and who knows, if something happens to one of the players, we could see Mike playing in the Olympics. Joe Johnson of the Hawks, who is a good friend of Mike’s and co-hosts his big charity event, will also be an alternate.

Speaking of Miller’s charity event, it is coming up on July 12-13. There is a golf tournament at Tunica National and poker tournament the following day. I am going to be out of town for a wedding this year and will miss the event which sucks(why don’t people check with me before scheduling a wedding?) Anyway, it is a great event with wonderful auction items at the party after the golf tournament and tons of fun. For more info visit or call Dave Martin at 678-522-6881.

If you had to choose Tiger Woods making a 10-foot putt or Michael Jordan making an 18-foot jump shot to save your life, which would you go with? MTR goes with Jordan, but just slightly over Woods.

Tiger once again showed his greatness with his unbelievable win at the US Open. The man’s knee was clearly killing him and yet he’s able to shoot one under par, including a must have birdie on 18 to get into a playoff and then gets another must have birdie on the 18th hole of the playoff to get to sudden death where he finally beat Rocco Mediate. That’s 91 holes of golf at one under par for a man with a knee nowhere near healthy. Congrats also to Mediate for a great tournament. Nobody in the world could have seen that performance coming, and although he lost, Mediate earned a lot of respect and a lot of fans. He is a great guy.

How about that performance by the Lakers in game 6 of the Finals. Way to come out with desperation with your backs against the wall guys. That was embarrassing for every player on that team. Kobe Bryant should be embarrassed by his performance for most of this series. He’s the best player in the league, but certainly didn’t look like it.

I thought Ray Allen should have been the MVP of the series. Allen was the most consistent Celtics player while setting a Finals record for three-pointers in a series and tying the record for threes in a game in the clincher. When you compare his numbers to Paul Pierce they are very similar except Pierce averaged four more assists while Allen shot a much higher percentage, but Allen didn’t have a six-point game like Pierce did and Pierce’s best game came in a loss while Allen’s best game came in the clincher. Pierce wasn’t a terrible choice, but I thought Allen would have been a better choice. Allen’s bounce back from his shooting woes earlier in the playoffs was amazing. If you watched him in the Conference Playoffs, you would never have imagined him setting the Finals record for threes and shooting 52% from three-point range for the series.

Luke Winn of lists the Memphis Tigers as one of his winners of the college basketball off season. While the Tigers have lost a lot on the court and from the coaching staff, John Calipari has done an amazing job of recruiting players and coaches to fill the holes. The Tigers may not be as good as last year, but few teams other than North Carolina will be. I think the Tigers have a great chance to be at least an Elite 8 team again next year. Tiger fans, don’t worry about the departure of Doneal Mack, it is a non-issue. Mack never impressed me at all. He was not good defensively and the only thing he did at all was jack up threes every time he touched the ball and in the big games, he never made any. Mack’s loss will not hurt the Tigers at all.

I went to New Orleans for the first time ever last weekend and had a great time. I never saw any of the destruction that is still there since we spent all of our time on Bourbon Street, but what a great city. I had a blast there and hope to get back sometime soon. Later this month I am going to Los Angeles and with that trip, I will have visited three cities in the last three months that I had never been to before, but always wanted to visit(San Antonio, New Orleans, LA). I’ve had a great time in the first two, I would expect nothing less in LA.

That’s all for today. Have a good rest of the week and weekend.


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